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Notebook: Texas State 3, Texas A&M 6



What the loss means for the Bobcats:

Considering this game isn’t a conference game, and won’t effect their standings in the Sun Belt, this game isn’t too important. Yes, it would have been nice for the Bobcats to beat an SEC team. Regardless, this game doesn’t mean much.


Why they lost:

Texas A&M’s Riley Sartain hit a grand slam and got herself 4 RBI. That brought the Aggies up and made them stay up the rest of the game. Randi Rupp wasn’t having a normal game, the pitcher only struck out 3 Aggie batters.

Turning Point:

Sartain’s grand slam. That was the point of the game where Texas A&M took the Bobcats’ lead and held it until the end of the game. Everything was looking up for Texas State after scoring three runs in the second inning, but after the third the Bobcats were stagnant.



The second inning was the best part of this game for the Bobcats. Also, that they didn’t let the Aggies score again after the third. Three runs in a row is enough. Quincy Charleston taking over for Randi Rupp was also another good thing that happened. Charleston held her own, she didn’t strike any batters out but she only allowed one hit.


Stranding Bobcats. Leaving bases loaded is never good, and there were several times during this game that the Bobcats stranded at least two batters.



Letting four Aggie runners score back to back in the third inning.  Also, how the Bobcats got zero runs after the second inning. Texas State only scored three and got all three in the same inning.


Spotlight Player:

Kimberlin Naivar. Naivar got on base for all of her at bats. The left fielder ended the game with two hits and two RBI.


What they said:

“We didn’t capitalize in situations that we had the chance to,” coach Ricci Woodard said.


What’s Next:

The Bobcats are officially done with non-conference games after playing the Aggies. Texas State has a three-game series this weekend against Appalachian State to look forward to. The Bobcats play one more three-game series after that against UT-Arlington, then they head to the Sun Belt Conference tournament.