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Local movie club continues celebrating female directors


Let’s hear it for the girls.

Last month, The San Marcos Cinema Club  focused on honoring films directed and written by female filmmakers.

Jordan Buckley, co-founder of the San Marcos Cinema Club, said it is a group who appreciates and inspires artists to make their own media. The group looks to show films to educate viewers about social justice issues and other related topics.

“We’re a group of San Martians aimed to cultivate a community that celebrates cinema,” Buckley said. “We try to excavate our insights and prospective through he art of motion pictures.”

On Thursday, the club partnered with Homebrew Supply to show an outdoor screening of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, by Iranian-American director Ana Lily Amirpour.

Buckley said they started showing films at the Brew in November of 2015 with the Oscar-winning best picture Boyhood (2014).

Jessie Pagan, local marketing director of Homebrew Supply, said this has been the third time in the past four months they partnered with the Cinema Club for a screening.

“We want to support them, and we are about to come up to our one-year anniversary (for Homebrew Supply) and we wanted to make sure to get our name out,” Pagan said.

Homebrew Supply contributed to the event by providing free samples of their experimental drinks. Some of the drinks they gave out included Irish Red and peanut-butter chocolate stout.

Pagan said the Brew is trying to focus on local marketing by being a part of these local events, including partnering with the Main Street Event Program on Friday for the Brew Hop.

“We found these kind of events to be the best,” Pagan said. “(Locals) get exposed to movies and they come in and sample our beers.”

Buckley said the group wanted to have a month focusing on women in cinema. He said many people recommended Amirpour’s film for its artsy style and themes.

Jeffrey Garcia, San Marcos Cinema Club videographer, said the film felt like the best way to end their ongoing month of celebrating women.

“We felt like it would be the ultimate acumination of what a filmmaker would like to end on,” Garcia said.

Buckley said other films they showed during the month included Spring Breakers (2013) and Pretty Vacant, which had script supervisor Lucha Silva from New Braunfels.

Jennifer Garcia, San Marcos Cinema Club member, said she has been part of the group since January.

“I heard about (the club) and how they are working with filmmakers and trying to bring a sort of artsy aspect to San Marcos, and I was all about that,” Garcia said.

San Marcos is growing every day with more groups and events supporting their local business and artists. Pagan said the Brew keeps joining these local events to make San Marcos into the growing city people know it to be.

“Some people are saying that San Marcos is becoming a mini Austin,” Pagan said. “So we are trying to keep the culture alive of a local feeling everything.”

Cinema Club’s next movie event will be on April 11 at Wake the Dead, where they will be showing the documentary GasLand (2010).