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Get to know: Esther Oyetunde, sophomore runner

Photo courtesy of Texas State Athletics

Lisette Lopez: Why did you choose Texas State?

Esther Oyetunde: I chose Texas State because I wanted to be around a team and a coaching staff that were able to push me. I love my coaches, and I feel like I got it best here.


LL: Do you have a big family? What are they like?

EO: I do. They are all interested in sports, (and) they are really funny. Grace is the youngest one. Then it is Emmanuel, Gloria and then Elizabeth.


LL: What would be your dream vacation?

EO: Probably to go to Dubai. It sounds like a nice and relaxing place.


LL: Who is your celebrity crush?

EO: My celebrity crush would probably be Michael B. Jordan.


LL: What do you do for fun?

EO: I watch movies. I also like to do some cool things like go waterboarding or paddle-boarding, stuff like that.


LL: What do you hope to do in the health care field?

EO: I want to be an ophthalmologist, so an eye specialist, or help manage a hospital.


LL: What has your experience been like at Texas State so far?

EO: It has been good. It’s good because I am an athlete, and I get a different but better experience than most students. We go out and travel and compete for them. They are also able to help me out with school when I miss it, so I am able to get tutoring. I am able to do everything to help me to succeed. So it has been pretty good being in an environment where all they want to do is help you to succeed.


LL: Do you have any major influences in your life?

EO: Definitely—my family for sure.


LL: What is your favorite restaurant?

EO: My favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel. Their pancakes are awesome—they’re life.


LL: What do you hope to bring to the team?

EO: I hope that I can help encourage my team and get as many points for them as I can. I just want to be a reliable person on my team, that everyone knows that they can depend on me, and I also want to help them believe in themselves too. Be the type of person that—because I can do it, you can do it too.


LL: Do you have any personal goals to reach for this outdoor season?

EO: Really just to make it to regionals.


LL: What is your favorite time of the year?

EO: Summer. It’s nice outside, and I really just hate the cold weather.


LL: Why did you choose a school so far away from home?

EO: I wanted to get the experience, and I kind of wanted to be a little more independent. On top of that, Texas State offered me the best track team and track coaches—an environment to work with.


LL: How do you balance track and school?

EO: I really just have to keep a routine and just follow it. I do my morning runs, (and) from there I go straight to class, then practice, and if I have breaks I do my homework. We just can’t waste any time.


LL: What is the hardest thing you have ever had to go through in your life?

EO: When my mom died—it was my senior year, she passed. I guess getting back to the groove and getting past the fact that I was so blessed enough to have enough days—that I can still be successful—and to reach my greatest potential without my mom.


LL: Do you have a favorite TV show?

EO: I really like Being Mary Jane and Scandal.