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Curse of the Crimson Tampon Tax

Illustration by: Birmy Michelle | Staff Illustrator

Countless girls, women and beings with vaginas undergo similar natural phenomena or cycles throughout the course of their lifetime. A woman can carry a foreign being in her stomach and watch as said creature shoots out of her vagina after nine months.

Whether she wants a child or not, a woman’s body lies in wait for the day she finally gets knocked up. If she doesn’t get pregnant that month, her body rebels and rips apart her uterine lining as punishment.

Many state governments, including that of Texas, have been drinking the red Kool-Aid and feel as though a period is not enough penance. To add to the burgeoning stress of having a blood week, a woman also has to pay a sales or “luxury” tax for the items she needs to protect her clothing, seat and dignity.

Tampons and other sanitary products should not be billed under the “luxury” tax. It is not a luxury to protect a woman and others from gushing vagina blood over every surface her bottom comes into contact with.

Sanitary products are already expensive to begin with—even the cheap, cardboard variety. If a woman chooses to wear tampons over pads, she still has to buy pads for nightly flow. Not to mention that there is a plethora of underwear women have to replace because good ol’ Aunt Flo decided to pay an unexpected visit. Eventually, all panties become period panties.

Although women experience severe symptoms, periods are not treated as medical episodes and its aids are not exempt from taxation. Other medical supplies are not taxed and neither is Viagra—which alludes to the idea that boners are more important than literally bleeding all over yourself.

Women are being taxed for being women, as feminine products more expensive than their male counterparts. Personal care products such as razors and soap cost 13 percent more for women than men. Instead of taking money from women’s already unequal paychecks, how about the government use money earned from taxing feminine products to give women a proper raise?

As much fun as bleeding from a vagina is, many women experience not only blood leakage, but also a myriad of other super-fun symptoms. These symptoms are so delightful that many girls choose not to show up to school at all. In fact, 30 percent of women in Nepal are too busy enjoying the constant vomiting, fainting, dehydration and fatigue to bother showing up to learn.

Numerous women at Texas State show up for class despite the crimson curse, yet the school cannot be bothered to stock the dispensers that hang hollow and unfilled in the women’s restrooms.

If there is money to put condoms in the vending machines, female Bobcats should have access to sanitary items in the unoccupied dispensers. Or, if the school does not want to spend money on keeping the dispensers stocked, it can constantly replace our blood-covered seats.

Sometimes, a woman’s baby box rebukes her for not fulfilling its needs. A woman should not be punished for the actions of her baby-maker, because she cannot control it. The most a woman can do is pick up some tax-free tampons from the dispensers on campus and just go with the flow.


  1. Grow up!

    There are taxes on diapers (adult and child), toilet paper, deodorant, etc… Tampons are no special!
    as for other “feminine products”, it is supply and demand… if women woudnt buy them they would lower the price. Also, if you are complaing that “mens” are cheaper, what is stopping you from buying them. I do, and it makes me no less a woman, then there are times where i will buy “feminine” because I like the smell or color more (if it is within reason)

    Also, the only people who deserve a raise are people who deserve a raise (not because they are a woman) the whole pay gap is a joke!
    You have to look at other factors susch as qualifications, time off, hours worked, skills, how much produced, and how conving you were when asking for a raise.

  2. Can the writer of this please email me! I am working on a zine called “Thicker Than Water” and issue one is called “Bad Blood”.

    This article has been hysterical and informative and I want to include you in this project if at all possible!!! PLEASE, Please, Puhlease.

    Email me at my name (CorrinMagditch) @ gmail . com

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