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Brayden Theriot: Influenced to reach his greatest potential


Brayden Theriot, freshman right-handed pitcher, has had many influences that helped him become the athlete he is now.

Theriot began playing baseball at the age of 4 when he was first introduced to the sport.

His main influence during the start of his baseball career was his father. He has played baseball every season since his tee-ball years.

At the age of 5, Theriot tried another sport: swimming.

He grew up in Sugar Land with his father, mother and older sister, Brittani. Theriot often looks up to his older sister, and was influenced by her when he started to swim.

Brittani has swum all throughout her life, and Theriot stuck with baseball and swimming until the end of high school.

Although Theriot was on the baseball and swim teams in high school, the athlete knew all along what path he wanted to pursue the most.

“Swimming was more in the fall and early spring,” Theriot said. “Right when swimming was done, I hopped right into baseball. But I mostly focused on baseball throughout the whole way.”

By the time senior year came along, Theriot’s focus on baseball was at an all-time high as he prepared to enter at the college level.

When thinking about colleges, he had been influenced early on to follow in his mother and sister’s footsteps at Texas State. Theriot knew being on the field was definitely meant for him once he got the offer to play baseball as a Bobcat.

“Swimming is a lot of work in college, and I wasn’t motivated enough to swim,” Theriot said. “I already loved the campus and loved the school. The vibe that the school brings—it brings a lot of people together. I thought that coming on a team that could potentially win a championship was good motivation to come here.”

The team as a whole motivated Theriot to play for Texas State, but a particular individual encouraged him to join the team: his cousin.

It is not often when two of the same blood play the same sport at the same school. Derek Scheible, sophomore outfielder, and Theriot are able to experience the college athlete life together on the baseball field.

“In high school, I always wanted to move down here with Derek to play baseball with him,” Theriot said. “Whenever he committed here, I’ve always wanted to play with him, so it was kind of automatic that I would go here when I got the offer to play here.”

As far as the team as a whole goes, Theriot does not miss any opportunities to learn from the players who will eventually help him to pursue his overall goal.

“I want to make it to the pros,” he said. “Every day, I come out here with a work ethic that it takes to be a professional, so I try to go every step of the way trying to be as perfect as I can be.”

Playing his first year at the Division I college level, Theriot has learned about what it takes to perfect his game.

While every day is a learning experience, he is supported at every game by his family who influences him to be a better player each time he steps on the field.

“My family inspires me in life,” Theriot said. “They’ve always pushed me along to be my best and I don’t want to let them down.”

As he continues to look to the future, the next few years at Texas State and life beyond college excites this aspiring Bobcat.

Whether it has been his family, teammates, or coaches influencing him along the way, these inspirations will lead Theriot in the path towards success on and off of the field.