Home Life and Arts Bowling For Soup right up Bobcats’ alley at Riverfest 2016

Bowling For Soup right up Bobcats’ alley at Riverfest 2016

Chris Burney guitar znc backing vocals for Bowling For Soup, pretends to shoot his pick after tossing it in the crowd at River Fest on April 21. Photo by Sam King | Staff Photographer

Throwback Thursday took on a whole new meaning as nostalgia-inducing band Bowling for Soup played this year’s Riverfest.

Because of recent flooding, artists played inside at Strahan Colosseum on April 21 instead of the usual location at Sewell Park on the San Marcos River.

Despite the large turnout, the crowd seemed dwarfed by the massive size of Strahan. But where other big bands might have phoned it in for a homely-sized crowd, Bowling For Soup still brought the energy only a Texas Rock band could.

Just because they are a big time band doesn’t mean they can’t get down with a small town.

“The way I see it, I come from a town with 3000 thousand people. I basically just played for a third of my hometown’s size,” said Erik Chandler, who plays bass in Bowling for Soup.

This wasn’t Bowling For Soup’s first time playing in San Marcos, although Stahan was their biggest venue here thus far.

“I actually used to come to San Marcos when I was younger to visit a girlfriend’s family,” Chandler said. “I have a lot of fond memories here (in San Marcos), and I love the energy we get when we played here today.”

They even kept playing when Gary Wiseman, drums and percussion, broke the stand on his snare drum mid-song. They had one of their roadies come out and hold it for the rest of the set, proving that nothing could stop the good times at Riverfest 2016.