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Bluegrass and beer makes the hipsters cheer


Looking for a fun Wednesday night? Tantra Coffee House has you covered with their Bluegrass Night.

With its composition of fast tempos and improvisation as a key component, bluegrass is technically difficult to play, yet easy to listen to.

According to the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, the genre originated from immigrants who came to the United States from places like Ireland, Scotland and England, but would later be heavily influenced by the African-American art of jazz. Originally called “mountain music,” bluegrass was mostly written by people living in remote areas.

The revolving acts consist of local bluegrass musicians from the greater Austin area. Rudy Martinez, political science sophomore and Tantra employee, said the coffee house makes the majority of its profits on Bluegrass Night.

“Tantra has a special from 9 (p.m.) to 9:30 (p.m.) where you can get a 34 ounce pitcher for $4,” Martinez said. “The brews that go with the deal are Rio Blanco, Fireman’s #4 and Boulevard Brew.”

Come for the beer, but stay for the culture. The atmosphere is energetic and filled with a conglomeration of music buffs and locals in the area. Nikkye Re’Anne, local jewelry designer and founder of the Daughter of the Wild brand, said she has been going to Bluegrass Night since its inception years ago.

“It has gone through so many changes, but my favorite part is dancing whenever my best friend is in town,” Re’Anne said. “We used to be referred to as the ‘Bluegrass Ladies’ because we danced so much and kicked up a lot of dust.”

The twang of the instruments and the soul in the voices of the bluegrass band playing made the night feel otherworldly. While the event itself is free, a tip bucket is passed around.

Since the event is outside, Tantra Coffee House allows people to bring their four-legged friends. If students do decide to bring their pets, staff recommends bringing a water bowl and some plastic bags as well.

Lee Porter, marketing sophomore, said this was his first time going to Tantra’s Bluegrass Night.

“Its a fun time to sit and chill and listen to music,” Porter said. “People dance and drink beer, it seems like a real hangout spot for locals.”