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Zara unveils ‘ungendered’ collection

Photo by: Karina Rivera | Staff Photographer
Zara has released a range of clothes it says are marketed toward both men and women.

Popular Spanish apparel company Zara launched its first ungendered clothing line this month, but the world’s reactions were pretty underwhelming.

As of now, Zara has released less than 10 items of clothing on their website. The collection contains pieces both men and women can wear. The androgynous collection consists of pieces such as unisex jeans, T-shirts and sweatpants ranging from $15.90 to $49.90.

Since its release, the store has received mixed reviews on their collection from consumers and other companies worldwide. The recent debate has even made its way to students at Texas State.

Kassandra Frey, interior design freshman, does not see a problem with the clothes at all, but said the idea of completely changing who wears what clothing is enough to get people rattled.

“I thought the (collection) looked fine, just normal clothes, but I’m not sure if society is ready,” Frey said. “But that doesn’t really matter. They’ll get used to it.”

One of the main issues people had with the clothing line was that the items weren’t anything new. Men and women do not have a problem wearing the same T-shirt or sweatpants because it is everyday loungewear, but many shoppers said they would have been more impressed if the line had items such as dresses that both men and women could wear.

Breanna Herbert , sociology sophomore, said the clothing did not really live up to her expectations, and she was left wanting more.

“The idea of genderless clothing is great, but the actual pieces are not really special,” Herbert said. “If it was clothing items such as skirts, suits or accessories, then that would have been amazing, and would have made even more of a scandal.”

As one of the top fashion retailers in the world, Zara is known for affordable prices and the latest fashion. One of the company’s goals is to transform runway trends into pieces that anyone can wear.

“I like to shop for clothes online and fill up my cart, but I mostly never end up buying any of it because I cannot really afford to spend that much money,” said Stephanie Mauritzen, interior design freshman. “I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ungendered section had cheap items that I could actually see myself wearing.”

Zara’s recent release is just a small part of the big picture. Consumers are not only eager to see how the collection will affect the future of fashion, but whether it will change the expectations that are associated with gender.

Frey hopes Zara’s new collection will open people’s minds and eventually change the way sex and gender are viewed.

“I don’t think clothes belong to any one gender,” Frey said. “I think people should be able to wear whatever they want regardless of sex, so this is a nice step forward.”