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Student Government passes legislation concerning lighting on campus

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In response to concerns about student safety, Student Government passed legislation to increase the number of light poles on campus Monday night.

Student senators passed the resolution unanimously Monday night to increase the number of light poles between the LBJ Student Center and the Jerome and Catherine Supple Science Building. Senator Anthony Galo, co-sponsor of the resolution, introduced the legislation at the Feb. 29 Student Government meeting.

The legislation, which was written by Senator Joseph Sikazwe, was introduced because of the increased criminal activity on and around campus, as well as heightened levels of student enrollment.

“As we expand as a university and continue to accept more students, safety is something that must remain a priority,” Sikazwe said.

The resolution calls for more lighting specifically between the two buildings because it is a high traffic area.

Senator Jake Herrel, co-sponsor of the resolution, said it is Student Government’s responsibility to fix the dark area between the LBJSC and the Supple building.

“The area in question can get very dark at night and we need to fix that,” Herrel said.

Sikazwe said he wants students to feel safe and at home. He doesn’t want students to worry about their safety on campus.

“I think that it is atrocious that students have to be afraid to walk somewhere on campus,” Sikazwe said. “How can students be aware of their surroundings if they cannot see their surroundings?”

Herrel said he sponsored the resolution because he feels it will help foster a safer campus environment.

“Making sure that our students are safe at all times is and should remain a top priority for us in Student Government,” Herrel said.

According to the resolution, the Texas State Department of Safety will be responsible for taking the proper and necessary measures to increase the number of light poles in the area.