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Notebook: Texas State 73, Troy 88

Photo by: Lauren Hancock | Staff Photographer
Whitney Appari takes the ball to the rack.

What the loss means

This is the Bobcats fifth loss in a row, and it was their second to last game of the season. No player or coach is going to enjoy that. This loss might be a confidence dive for the Bobcats but may also give them the fire and motivation to finish out their season strong and show the Conference what their made of. Hopefully they’ll be able to use this as fuel for success in the conference tournament.

Why they lost

Troy came out hot and ready to win. The Bobcats tried to stop them and it just wasn’t happening. The fire from Texas State didn’t come until the second half of the game, and it was too late.

Turning point

Troy was leading by 15 at halftime. Then, they were leading by 12 at the end of the third. The final score was 73-88, which again is a 15-point lead. The whole game was in Troy’s favor. There was no solid turning point because the game belonged to the Trojans from the get go.


The team’s ball movement stood out in the first half especially. They were swinging the ball if they didn’t have a completely open look, which is obviously a smart simple strategy. That’s normal basketball, which isn’t always what the Bobcats are playing. They were even able to keep hitting players down low and having them push the ball back out several times until someone could take an opportunity.


Not coming into the game fighting. The Bobcats instantly let the Trojans take the game from them and run with it. Texas State let Troy score 36 points in the paint. Troy had some pretty big players, which is always a threat to the Bobcats’ small team. However, figuring out a way to stop the bigs down low is something they need to work on.


This being the Bobcats fifth loss in a row, and almost the end of their schedule doesn’t give them the reassuring of succeeding in the conference tournament. That’s ugly on its own, but what’s particularly ugly about this game was that the Bobcats let Troy’s Kelley Beverly score 22 points on them.

Spotlight player

Kaitlin Walla, redshirt sophomore guard, never ceases to play with full effort. It seems like she gives 110 percent every game. Walla is a very fundamental player, and she really let that show in this game. The guard scored 14 points and grabbed six rebounds after going four-for-12 from the field and three-for-seven from the 3-point line.

What they said

“I thought initially we didn’t do our best regarding when we started out,” Head Coach Zenarae Antoine said. “Especially defensively. We took some poor shots and also created some easy opportunities for them.”

Whats next

The Bobcats are hosting their final game of the season against South Alabama on Saturday at 2 p.m. in Strahan Coliseum.