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New housing development has vision to establish a booming community within San Marcos

Photo by: Pablo Mejia | Staff Photographer
Construction site for Kissing Tree community March 4.

Aimed toward the baby boomer generation, Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. plans to present the San Marcos community with a new housing development known as the Kissing Tree.

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. master-planned the Kissing Tree in 2008, and recently broke ground in San Marcos on Feb. 25. The development of this project is estimated at $1 billion, and it will consist of amenities including hiking trails, tennis courts and an 18-hole golf course that will be open to the public.

Approximately 3,200 homes will stretch across 1,332 acres of land, making Kissing Tree one of the largest developments to hit the fast-growing city of San Marcos. The expected price will range from $250,000 to $500,000, and it will be the first age-restricted area in the community.

Kevin Burke, economic and development projects coordinator for the city of San Marcos, said age-restricted property means at least one of the members of the household must be 55 years of age or older.

This innovation will not only bring members of the baby boomer generation together, but also mark progress in the growth of San Marcos. Burke said this development will make a substantial impact by adding 3,000 units of living directed toward retirees and affluent citizens.

The total number of residents could add about 7,500 people to the area.

“I believe this development will help marketing,” Burke said. “It could bring new business and growth to the community.”

The Kissing Tree will be located on Hunter and Centerpoint roads just west of the Premium Outlets. With neighboring stores and a town that is perfectly placed between the two popular cities­ of Austin and San Antonio, the development makes for a great attraction in San Marcos.

San Marcos real estate broker Harry Bishop said the location of this area will attract homebuyers because of the easy access to the interstate and a neighborhood that consist of stores and businesses.

“Housing developments are a gamble,” Bishop said. “You never quite know what will happen until you start the project, but the location of the area will have a big impact.”

Monica McNabb is a broker in San Marcos and the owner of McNabb & Co. Real Estate. McNabb said Kissing Tree makes sense geographically and the age-restriction will be a great thing for San Marcos.

“It is not just a college town,” McNabb said.

Grandparents who reside in the city can be a part of an artistic community the college brings to San Marcos.

Homes will be built over the course of 10 years. With recent groundbreaking, construction will begin in the next 45-60 days, and model homes are expected to by completed by the end of the year. Residents may have a chance to move in to the first-built homes by the last quarter of this year or by early next year.

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. claimed Kissing Tree, formerly known as Paso Robles, as the new name given to the development.

The name was derived after the story of former Texas Governor Sam Houston’s affection for the group of women who delivered him a Texas flag. The story goes on to say that Houston kissed the ladies after he gave a speech in front of an oak tree in San Marcos of 1857.

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. is a large developing company with operations in 11 major markets. The company’s first project in San Marcos was the development Northwoods at Blanco Vista, located by the Blanco River and the Five-Mile Dam.

With successful experience of housing developments around the country, Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. is at the start of a 10-year path that could be a city-changing movement as San Marcos continues to flourish in size.