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Donald Tramp teases a less stressful election season

Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Multimedia Editor
Kristoffer Ian Celera, computer science junior, as Donald Tramp Feb. 10 in the quad.

Another Bobcat is following in the hallowed footsteps of legends like the Bubble Believer, Brother Jed and other recognizable Texas State characters.

Over the past month, Kristoffer Ian Celera, computer science junior, has been performing stripteases around campus sporting a blazer, short shorts and a Donald Trump-esque wig. He calls this now widely-recognized character Donald Tramp. His sensual moves have garnered him attention.

“When I first saw him I was so confused,” said Kaylee Martinez, fashion merchandising sophomore. “Then I realized who he was supposed to be, and I thought it was pretty funny.”

Celera has received interview requests from media outlets across the country as a result of his stripteases. However, Celera said he’s not sure most people who have seen him portray Donald Tramp understand the meaning behind his character.

“Donald Tramp is no endorsement against Donald Trump,” Celera said. “He’s actually a response to Brother Jed.”

Brother Jed is another familiar face on campus known for touring universities all over the nation expressing his wild remarks. Jed preaches loudly that feminists, fornicators and homosexuals (amongst many others) are doomed to hell.\

“I knew that to show him how ridiculous his messages and actions were, I had to do something just as ridiculous as him,” Celera said. “He was on campus that day and my group, the Young Americans for Liberty, took his spot.”

Besides being a direct response to Brother Jed, Celera hopes to convey another message through Donald Tramp.

“It’s all in good humor,” Celera said. “Politics doesn’t have to be painful. My message is not for people to not get emotional.”


Chelsey Medina, interdisciplinary studies freshman, said she understood the message Celera hoped to convey.


“Seeing this guy dressed up like Donald Trump is hilarious and really lightens up the whole campaign process,” she said. “People need this in order to ease up and realize it doesn’t have to be extremely serious the whole time.”