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City Council votes to remove Cape’s Dam


The San Marcos City Council voted to remove Cape’s Dam, an area at the center of controversy since heavy floods hit the area last May, Tuesday night.

It would cost $35,000 for U.S. Fish & Wildlife to remove the dam, whereas, council members said, replacing the dam would be a significant expense. Councilwoman Lisa Prewitt, Place 1, made the motion to approve the removal, with a second from Melissa Derrick, Place 6.

One public commenter said he would be worried that the removal of the dam would affect the Olympic Outdoor Center, a kayaking business located on the San Marcos River.

Dianne Wassenich, of San Marcos River Foundation, said the dam removal will not harm recreation and that a lot of misinformation has floated around about the effects it could have.

“We would not do anything to harm our river,” Prewitt said.



  1. Council members are obfuscating in my opinion…if Cape’s is removed then the Mill Race will have to be blocked with a new and this time real dam, and the 1/4 mile channel will have to be filled and paved over to prevent it being gouged out by a big flood…the cost of restoring Cape’s is trivial in comparison…and on top of that the most beautiful little waterfall in San Marcos, you can find it if you go to Stokes Park and walk to the East on the channel walk, will be dried up forever. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

  2. The Council is ill advised and their fiscal planners are not truly forthcoming about the costs of their decision…destruction of Cape’s will require the construction of a new dam to block Mill Race and that the 1/4 mile or more of the Mill Race channel be filled and paved or otherwise covered in a way that will prevent erosion from water going that way the next big flood…the cost of that has not been made public…and the most beautiful little waterfall in San Marcos (find it by driving out River Road to the East of I35 , turning right on Cape’s Road and parking by the apartments, then walkdown to the river and after your cross the channel that will be filled and paved turn East into Stokes Park for a hundred yards)…will be gone forever…it’s ironic if we realize that the early settlers who built Cape’s on a natural river terrace 150 years ago would have gone out in their wagons to restore it themselves…and absurd that Ben Kvanli was characterized as a selfish businessman against river-loving experts!

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