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Best day drinking options

Photo by: Joshua Castellano-Davila | Staff Photographer
Bar full of various drink components, March 6, Shade Patio Bar.

With the weather warming up, Bobcats will be out and about, spending their days having a cold drink.

There are great bars, distilleries, breweries and wineries in the Texas Hill Country with amazing views and good drinks. This past week, I, as a 21-year-old, spent time day drinking with friends and checking out the local watering holes.

I started the week out with a wine tasting at Fall Creek Winery in Driftwood. Located across from The Salt Lick Barbecue, Fall Creek has amazing wine at a reasonable price college students can afford.

Tastings ranged from $12 to $15 and allowed the taster to try six wines. My personal favorite was their Moscato. It was a lot sweeter than I usually like, but very good.

The venue has a beautiful partially enclosed outdoor patio complete with a pool.

The next venue I visited was the Driftwood Estate Winery. The tasting there was $12 for up to six wines, and included a complimentary wine glass. The top-selling Starry Nights, a sweet sparkling wine, was definitely my favorite.

Photo by:  Joshua Castellano-Davila | Staff PhotographerCustomers enjoying a cool drink, March 6,  at Shade Patio Bar.
Photo by: Joshua Castellano-Davila | Staff Photographer
Customers enjoying a cool drink, March 6, at Shade Patio Bar.

My favorite part about Driftwood Estate is the spectacular view. The winery overlooks the Hill Country, and visitors can bring their own food to enjoy a picnic and glass of wine.

Throughout the rest of the week, I spent my time visiting local bars with outdoor patios perfect for an afternoon of day drinking.

A local favorite is Chimy’s Cerveceria. Located on the Square, the restaurant and bar has loyal customers there whether it is day or night.

Cameron Rynd, the assistant manager at Chimy’s, says that the bar is the perfect place for people to hang out. Chimy’s is planning to complete an expansion of the outdoor patio by this summer.

“Chimy’s is a good place to mingle with friends and meet new people,” Rynd said. “There are cheap drinks, great food and good music.”

Louie’s, which is also located on the Square, is another good day drinking option. With $1.50 margaritas and the best seafood in town, it’s the perfect place for college students, but also attracts families and an older crowd.

Bobcats love to spend their time outdoors, and the warm weather means students will be outside any chance they get.

Marieke Kaufman, senior management major, likes to spend time at bars on the Square.

“I like going to the Square when there is a big game on,” Kaufman said. “My favorite places to day drink are Chimy’s, Mayloo’s and Harper’s because they tend to have calmer atmospheres than other bars in town.”

Students also spend their time time drinking at the river or different apartment pools. Katie Pritchard, a senior education major, enjoys tanning and day drinking on warmer days.

“I usually don’t day drink that often,” Pritchard said. “When I do, I like to go to Chimy’s or the pool and relax with a tropical drink.”

With spring and summer approaching, get ready to see more students day drinking!