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There’s no place like home

Photo courtesy of Texas State.

Moving to San Marcos from Allen wasn’t too much of a change for Ericka May, sophomore guard.

One of the reasons May chose to play for Texas State was the diversity in the school. It easily reminds her of the town she grew up in and gives her the feeling of a home away from home.

Back in her hometown, May attended Allen High School where she played basketball her freshman through senior year.

May’s high school basketball experience “wasn’t all that” for the first three years due to the coach who ran the program.

“He was stuck in the old days,” May said. “Women’s basketball is evolving, we play like boys now.”

It wasn’t until her senior season when May began to enjoy basketball thanks to a brand new head coach.

In high school, May earned two back-to-back defensive MVP awards. On her club team, the Sparks, she was named best defensive player.

May hasn’t solely succeeded in basketball. She was also part of her high school’s track and field team and competed in high jump. May placed third at State, and was the area and district champion in high jump.

However, May devoted her time to tennis before she turned to either basketball or track and field. May was skilled in the sport, but once her attention was drawn to basketball, she hung up the racket. The physicality and contact of basketball seemed more her style.

“Tennis is not a physical sport at all. It’s physical but it’s not like body-to-body contact,” May said. “I wanted to do something with contact.”

Getting involved in basketball all started one day by seeing her cousin play a game. Watching her cousin play gave May the motivation to start playing the sport she is now respected in.

May started getting serious about basketball in eighth grade.

Once she received her first college letter, May began taking basketball a little more seriously.

Now, the guard is averaging six points and 7.2 rebounds per game for the Bobcats.

College isn’t all about basketball for May. It’s about getting into law school once her days on the hardwood come to an end.

“Macro economics is kicking my butt already,” May said. “I want to go to law school, but I haven’t figured out which one I want to go to yet. But that’s my goal after basketball.”

Becoming a lawyer has been May’s goal in life since eighth grade.

Ever since watching Law & Order, the Bobcat realized she really liked the idea of practicing law. May did an internship at a law firm in Allen last summer, which made her fully realize how much she would like to be a lawyer.

Once May reaches the end of her college career, the athlete is positive that she’ll be prepared all thanks to her experience with basketball.

“You have your hardships in basketball. You hit your lows in basketball and it helps you become a stronger person,” May said.
“After college basketball, I already know I’m going to be prepared for anything that comes at me.”

Just like every one of her teammates, May wants nothing more than a championship. What she enjoys most about the sport is being able to work and play hard with her teammates. She hopes it will ultimately pay off in the end.