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Get to Know: Amber Gilmore

Photo courtesy of Texas State Athletics

Lisette Lopez: What made you want to pursue a degree in psychology? And what do you hope to accomplish with the degree?

Amber Gilmore: I am actually studying to go to pharmacy school. I know that they like the diverse applicants so I majored in psychology with a minor in chemistry so I could be considered. I want to be a pharmacist. I am a pharmacy tech right now.

LL: Do you have any siblings? What is your family like?

AG: Yes, I am one of four and I am the baby. When people ask me that, I would refer to the show Family Guy. We are like that.

LL: When did you first have a love for running?

AG: I have been running track since I was 5 years old, but I didn’t become really passionate about it until I was in high school. The competition was more intense, and I was working with girls that actually wanted to win in high school around my sophomore year—that is when we went to state. In relays we placed third in state against top schools in Desoto. To even make it that far was really nice because I am from Missouri City and the competition is really tough there. We were a 5A school. It was always hard to make it out of regionals or even district, so that was an accomplishment for us.

LL: Who is your favorite athlete? Favorite team?

AG: I would have to say Laura Roesler; she is a Nike runner. I like collegiate basketball. I love the Kentucky men’s team. I wish I was a basketball player, I really admire the sport.

LL: What is your favorite thing to do?

AG: Well, I don’t really have a favorite thing to do, because I live on a schedule so after my day I am just getting back home. So relaxing would be my favorite thing to do.

LL: What does your day consist of?

AG: I have a morning run—I run for 30 minutes on my own. I go to class, then I have practice at 2 p.m. We either have speed days or tempo days, and then we lift weights in the evening.

LL: How do you balance school with track?

AG: I am just focused. You have to be focused and determined. I actually talked to the freshmen girls and told them they have to stay focused and prioritize, and know what you can and cannot do. Your social life is on a lower level because you have so much on your plate with school and track. Especially when we’re travelling. It is really important that they stay focused then, because there are going to be days where we miss class.

LL: Are you in any other organizations at Texas State?

AG: I am in the pre-pharmacy society.

LL: Who would be your favorite actor and actress?

AG: I love Leonardo (DiCaprio). I love The Wolf of Wall Street, but I have not watched enough of it. He is in everything and I love it. I like Being Mary Jane with Gabrielle Union, so she would be my favorite actress.

LL: What is your favorite food, restaurant or snack?

AG: I love Mexican food. My favorite restaurant would be Pappadeaux, because I love seafood. I eat Goldfish. I bought this new flavor, Vanilla Cupcake, and it is so addicting.

LL: Did you play any other sports in your lifetime?

AG: No, being one of four it was easier to put us all in track so we could all be together. And we are all pretty close in age, so it was less of a burden. The oldest is 26, then 25, then 23 and I am turning 22. We are so close.

LL: What is the next big thing you hope to accomplish?

AG: Graduating from pharmacy school. I work with CVS as a pharmacy tech, so that is where I am hoping to be a pharmacist at.

LL: What would be your dream job?

AG: I would love to be a singer and songwriter. I love Alina Baraz & Galimatias. My favorite songs would be “Pretty Thoughts” and “Drift.”