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Fifth Annual Drag Out Funny highly anticipated


San Marcos locals will have the opportunity to participate in a unique night filled with comedy, burlesque, aerial pole dancing, glamour and drag this coming weekend.

Bobcat Pride Scholarship, a volunteer-driven program for LGBTQIA Texas State students, will host the Fifth Annual Drag Out Funny show or “The Pink Party” Feb. 20 at 9 p.m. on Stonewall Warehouse’s Smirnoff Vodka stage.

People 18 and older can buy pre-sale tickets for $15 on the Bobcat Pride website and $20 at the door.

Featured headliners are Houston’s Lady Shamu , San Antonio’s Tencha La Jefa and Austin’s Brass Ovaries, according to Heather Aidala, Bobcat Pride Scholarship executive director.

Aidala said attendees can expect a variety of entertainment.

“We have fourteen different performers. Some of them are actually groups,” Aidala said. “The Drag Out Funny comes from the fact that it’s drag, and the funny part is that it’s comedy and that was kind of purely how it started off five years ago, and through the years, we’ve added more of a variety touch to it.”

Odette Tan, Brass Ovaries performer, said she is excited to see what The Pink Party will bring.

“It’s going to be really upbeat,” Tan said. “One of the other girls in the group said her routine will involve a lot of twerking. I’m just ready to have fun and see who’s a part of it.”

After the first year, the Drag Out Funny show began to ensue different themes. The theme will be pink this year, according to Chitah Daniels Kennedy, master of ceremonies.

“It’s very simple,” Kennedy said. “Wear pink—think pink. Right now with the elections, everybody is either a Democrat or a Republican. They’re blue or red, but pink is sort of like, ‘Let’s all just come together.’”

Aidala said she encourages attendees to dress up for the event, as they will be giving audience members an opportunity to walk the catwalk during the show.

“We’re encouraging people to dress up,” Aidala said. “Wear pink, play with it, gender blend with that color. It’s definitely a time where people can dress in drag or just plan it out big.”

Aidala said the event is open to all identities and is highly anticipated each year.

“People love it,” Aidala said. “People just have a good time, and while it’s at a bar, the focus is not on drinking—really, it’s just to be in a place where people feel safe and all identities are accepted.”

Aidala said the event will host a raffle for a trip to San Diego for two.

“There will be a silent auction at the show,” Aidala said. “This year, we expanded and some items will be silent auction and others you can bid on. Others will be a part of the raffle drop bucket. We’re putting some of our gifts into packages and then our grand prize is a trip for two to San Diego.”

Aidala said this year’s goal is to raise $10,000, which is $3,000 more than last year’s total.

“The majority of the donors’ money goes back to the Texas State students,” Aidala said.

Chris Rue, Stonewall Warehouse owner, said he was thrilled when approached to host the event at his bar.

“It’s just a tremendous honor to help the students we are aligned with,” Rue said. “We really couldn’t have asked for a better organization filled with great people. So, we’re just honored they wanted to do something with us.”

Kennedy said the greatest part of the event is being able to support LGBTQIA students.

“At the end of the day, we are supporting our LGBTQIA students,” Kennedy said. “What they’re going to do later on in their life—what we give these students—is going to come back to the organization years down the line. We just keep building every year. It’s for the future of our community. We’re trying to make leaders.”