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CPR and First Aid At Texas State

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
First aid classes are offered at the Student Recreation Center.

The Student Recreation Center at Texas State offers a myriad of classes aside from being a multilevel gym. Some of the less known classes offered are the CPR and first aid courses.

The first aid classes are offered Fridays, while the CPR classes are on Sundays. Both courses are held in the wet room near the pool area. The schedule of classes can be found on the recreation center’s website under the American Red Cross Courses tab.

Texas State students are able to register to take the classes for $35 each. Both classes are three hours long, taught through the American Red Cross and at the end, participants earn a two-year certification. The classes are also open to non-students. For faculty, staff and alumni the cost is $40 a course. Even those not affiliated with the university may take the courses for $45 each. The same classes offered through the Red Cross can range in price from $70 to $110.

The CPR classes cover how to use an automated external defibrillator and respond to a person choking. Debbie Karajankovich, assistant director of clinical services, said the main function of CPR is to keep the heart pumping, blood moving and air flowing into the victim’s lungs.

The first aid class covers basic care for injuries, cuts, or how to properly wrap an Ace bandage. Its purpose is to train participants to provide assistance to someone suddenly sick or injured until advanced medical care arrives.

Though students may not be aware these classes are offered at the recreation center, they agree it is helpful to know the skills being taught.

“They’re important so that you know what to do in a serious situation to save a life,” said Tenadra Wilson, interior design sophomore.

The recreation center has a handful of instructors trained to teach the courses. There are about seven teachers and each are capable of conducting both the CPR and first aid classes.

Many students do not know the university offers these classes at all, let alone at a discounted rate. The completion of each course will get the participant their certification. Yinebeb Zenaw, an instructor for the CPR and first aid classes, said the CPR classes usually have seven to ten people enrolled while the first aid course typically has four to seven.

Staff and university students aiming to enter the healthcare field are often required to have certifications in these courses.

Knowing CPR and first aid provides beneficial skills. While they may seem arbitrary, often because no person thinks anything will happen to someone they know, the skills are good ones to be equipped with.

“You don’t know what life’s going to throw at you day to day,” Zenaw said.