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Canadian champion heads south


Kyle Denomme, freshman runner, is from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and he is certainly a long way from home.

Despite the distance, he is enjoying every minute of it at Texas State.

Denomme says there are differences between his hometown and the United States.

He says the people and the weather are a lot nicer in Canada, just like the stereotypes people hear about.

“It is a lot more rushed in the United States. Everyone seems like they have to be so fast and are always on the go; where as in Canada there seems like a lot more people are more laid back, and they take their time on things,” Denomme said. “It is a lot more crowded here than it is at home, and a lot busier.”

Choosing to come to Texas State was a very exciting experience for Denomme. He says he loved the school and everything that came with it.

His decision to come and further his education was not only for the sport, but also for the different culture. He says it’s the best of both worlds.

“I definitely liked the scenery. I liked that the school and the people were really nice,” Denomme said. “I get the hot weather here, and then I also get the cold weather at home. I could make a whole new set of friends, and the school is great.”

With his outgoing, adventurous and very social personality, Denomme had no problems making lifelong friends.

“I got the perfect people on my team, they treat me well. They treat me like their family,” Denomme said. “It’s really great, because if you didn’t have something like that you would hate it here. Everyone I met here has been really open towards me, and have helped me out as much as they could.”

Without the help of his family at home, he has learned more responsibility. Denomme said he likes living on his own even though it can be tough at times

His team has helped him adapt to a new environment.

“They were all so open about me coming right from the first day I met them. I can see all of these people being my best friends and it’s already happened,” Denomme said. “Every day I am happy to go to practice. They are all so nice and they are so open and talkative and it just make practice better.”

His family is Denomme’s other passion. He said having a close relationship with his family is very important to him.

Denomme said his parents, Jeff Denomme and Ann Marie Murray, are very supportive of everything he does.

He said they always thought he would be a great runner.

“They kind of pressured me to start running. I listened to them, but I didn’t like it at first,” Denomme said. “I started doing really well in it and I started to progress. I started to get more and more into it, and then I just kind of quit every other sport that I was in for running.”

With track and school, Denomme does not go home as much because of the far distance. He said it is the toughest thing that he has ever had to go through.

“It was a weird change of not being able to see my family every day. Not coming home and not being able to hang out with my family and friends,” Denomme said.

One special event that Denomme and his family celebrate happens about every five years— the anniversary of his great-grandparents’ wedding.

They have been married for close to 75 years and Denomme said their relationship together remains pretty special.

Denomme said it is a big event and it is always great to spend time together.

“It is one of the longest marriages around where I am from. So it is pretty big, and it is always pretty special when we have our whole family get together.” Denomme said.

Time management is the key to success in college.

Denomme said he is learning more responsibility and trying his best to balance his time with school and track.

“Being able to maintain schoolwork, running, getting the right amount of sleep and eating proper. All of that in one day is kind of hard,” Denomme said. “It’s really hard to manage your time in college, but I am trying to do the best that I can.”

Denomme is majoring in criminal justice, and hopes to go to law school after he graduates.

Denomme hopes to bring success to his team and for himself as an individual this track season.

“I see a lot of potential in the team, and being able to win conferences year after year. I came here because I saw that,” Denomme said. “I want to bring as much as I can to the table for me winning individual titles for the team. Also, helping out in relays and any other team as much as possible.”

Denomme wants to help his team out in each and every way.

He wants to help the school as a whole and do what his coaches’ think is best.

“I want to score as many points as I can in indoor and outdoor, so I can help the team win the conference that we need to win,” Denomme said. “I think if we win conference, we’ll get the best school name in terms of track.”