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Bobcats Take a (6-1) Loss to Auburn


On Feb. 7, the Bobcats entered their third game of the weekend against No. 41-st ranked Auburn Tigers with high hopes for a win. The outcome was not what the Bobcats originally wanted and resulted in a 6-1 loss against Auburn.

After putting up a fight for a win, the Bobcats sadly return home with a weekend loss, losing to all three teams.

Sunday’s match was end of the Bobcats’ road trip. Texas STate battled the Auburn Tigers at the tennis complex in Auburn, Alabama. Although the Bobcats took a loss this weekend, Coach Tory Plunkett feels that they are coming away from this weekend with some much needed experience.

“We came into this match with the same respect as we did with the others,” Plunkett said. “Just because Auburn is a better team, doesn’t mean that we will give them any more respect than the other teams we play.”

The Bobcats suffered a loss on both singles and doubles play as the tigers dominated the matches.

Ana Perez, freshman, lost her singles match with a score of 2-6,3-6 against opponent Caroline Turner as well as her doubles match with partner Yadira Rubio. The team lost the No. 1 match with a score of 1-6 against Auburn doubles team, Alizee Michaud and Reka Muller, making this their first loss of the season as partners.

Rubio also suffered a loss in her matches, losing her singles match 1-6, 0-6 against Pleun Burgmans.

Joy Chia Ming Ming, freshman, won the No.6 singles match for the bobcats against her Tiger’s opponent Sofia Blanno with a score of 7-6, (7-5),7-5. Ming scored the Bobcat the one lone point of the day, really shining as a freshman player.  Ming’s doubles match however resulted in a loss 1-6, with her partner Pippa Carr. Opponents Burgmans and Turner take the doubles point.

Katy Collins, senior, lost both her singles and doubles matches to Auburn as well. Collins lost her singles point to opponent Paul De Man with a score of 2-6, 0-6 in the No. 4 match. Collins and partner Eva Dench lost their doubles point with a score of 0-6 to Auburn partners Andie Dikosavljevic and Alannah Griffin.

Although the away weekend turned out to be a loss for the Texas State Bobcats, Plunkett was thankful that her team walked away with some needed knowledge and skill about the game. Ming Ming was a silver lining in this weekend’s matches, scoring the Bobcats their one singles point of the Auburn match.

The Bobcats now have a standing record of 0-4. The Auburn Tigers come out on top with an overall record of 7-1.

Up next the Bobcats play the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio next Saturday.