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Oscar nominations analysis


By now, your Facebook feed has probably been flooded with BuzzFeed posts about who did or didn’t get nominated for film’s highest honor: Mr. Oscar. Lots of opinions, lots of nominations. So, where do we stand? Let’s break it down with some of the larger categories.



The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant



 Likely winner: Most likely The Revenant. Boasting last year’s Best Picture and Best Director winner Alejandro González Iñárritu, the film holds a whopping 12 nominations—the most of all nominees. But The Martian also did well at the Golden Globes and The Big Short won big at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

My analysis: Of the three, I’ve only seen The Big Short. I found it to be fun, but a little overwhelming due to its subject matter: the housing market. However, the performances were still outstanding. I don’t have particular plans to see The Revenant. Every year there are a small number of films that are just not my cup of tea that I don’t make myself see, because that’s not fun.



Bryan Cranston, Trumbo

Matt Damon, The Martian

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs

Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl

Likely winner: I firmly believe Leonardo DiCaprio’s year has finally come. From what I’ve heard and read about his performance, it’s amazing, which is no surprise to any seasoned DiCaprio fan. I could see Matt Damon being his possible competition—both actors won Golden Globes earlier this month. Eddie Redmayne, last year’s winner, is also an Oscar favorite and a great actor/specimen, but I feel DiCaprio and Damon have a bit more buzz at the moment. But yay for all three!

My analysis: I’d really like to see DiCaprio finally take it home.



Cate Blanchett, Carol

Brie Larson, Room

Jennifer Lawrence, Joy

Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn

Likely winner: Brie Larson. She completely deserves it. I haven’t seen Room yet, but fully plan to. It’d be cool for Saoirse Ronan to take it, too—she’s lovely, and Brooklyn is getting rave reviews. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t need it, and Joy has received mixed reviews.

My analysis: I will be enraged if Larson loses. She’s getting so much work lately and is an outstanding actress. She’s got this in the bag.