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New facility brings practice capabilities up to par


The city of Kyle may begin to attract Bobcats with clubs in hand.

Texas State’s athletic department opened the doors of the Jim and Carol West Golf Practice Facility Jan. 15 to benefit student-athletes in the university’s golf program.

Texas State athletes are authorized to use the northern portion of the Plum Creek golf course in Kyle.

Mike Akers, head coach of women’s golf, said the facility will have a positive impact on the Texas State golf teams and a major effect on recruiting efforts.

“This facility has already made a difference with our practice and player development,” Akers said. “We are able to video and analyze golf swings. When the weather is cold or windy, we can also practice indoors (at the facility).”

The facility has already made practice easier for the teams, Akers said.

“When the players need to use the restroom or get water, they are now a few steps away instead of having to walk up to the main clubhouse,” Akers said. “They can also video their swing a few steps away from the tee box.”

The men’s and women’s golf teams have been practicing primarily at the Plum Creek course for some time, but also practice at several locations locally, said Jen Lawson, assistant sports information director.

The university’s home golf course on Post Road, near Aquarena Springs, was recently closed due to flooding last year, leaving student golfers to find alternative practice locations.

Lawson said the Texas State golf course is not up to par with other local courses, in terms of upkeep, resources and difficulty—making the new addition of Plum Creek a welcome relief to the teams.

This newly opened area of the course will be exclusive to Texas State golf students.

“The new facility is for use for the Texas State men’s and women’s golf teams only,” Lawson said. “It is not meant to be open to the public as it is a facility for the teams.”

The men’s and women’s golf teams are already practicing at the new facility regularly in order to prepare for the kickoff of their spring season on Feb. 8 and Feb. 14, respectively.

“The facility is working great,” Akers said. “The team is very excited to have a home.”