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Let the kids stay in church

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Illustration by: Israel Gonzalez | Staff Illustrator

Recently, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, enacted a policy that would target not just gay couples, but their children as well.

The Mormon Church has had a long vendetta against homosexual relationships and marriage. Proposition 8 came to a vote in California in 2008 to determine whether gay marriage would be outlawed in the state. During this time, the Mormon Church raised $14 million in support of this proposition. They not only wanted to get rid of gay marriage in their ranks, but wanted an entire state to take others’ rights away.

Now the church has gone even further by targeting the children of homosexual unions. The Mormon Church has announced that it will declare a new policy barring gay couple’s children from being baptized, confirmed, ordained to the church priesthood or recommended for missionary service.

With all these limitations, children of gay couples are simply not allowed to be part of their faith except as an outsider or observer, while simply the act of baptism is essential to salvation in the tradition of Mormonism. Excluding someone from this denies them the salvation promised by their religion.

This restriction lasts until the age of 18, which is quite a long time to wait to be fully allowed to be included in one’s own faith. Not only must these children, who have not done anything different than children of heterosexual couples, wait 18 years to be involved in their church, but they must also disavow their own parents.

Aside from the sheer unfairness of this policy towards children of the faith, the Mormon Church is also alienating their population. An outcry came almost as fast as the policy was announced, causing at least 1,500 Mormons to quit the Mormon Church.

These Mormons against the policy came together to formally resign from the Mormon faith, gathering outside and around the temple to deposit their resignations in the mailbox or other nearby locations. This is just one branch of the Mormon faith, and with this new ruling taking effect throughout all the churches around the world, the Mormon Church will be subjected to a large exodus from its ranks.

The reaction is well-warranted, and serves as a natural reaction to such a ludicrous decision that attacks innocent members of a faith, which should be seen as the Mormons’ own people. The Mormon Church has decided to cling to outdated and wrong ideals in an attempt to stamp out residual homosexuality from its ranks.

Church officials have and will continue to face resistance to this policy because of its alienation of children who should not be punished for something as capricious as having gay parents. People—even more so children—that want to be part of a religion should not be excluded for something they cannot control, such as who their parents are. That is simply just cruel.


  1. I expect better from the publication at a large university. It’s clear that you did not spend time researching the policy you berate. You can disagree with or criticize the policy but don’t misrepresent it. Also, no one likes a hate piece, especially one that pays so little attention to the facts. Ironically, yours carries a banner that reads, “To hell with hate.”

  2. No one is banned from attending Church by these policies so the headline itself is misleading. Baptism in the Church involves a positive affirmation of its policies, which is hard when people are living with people in open rebellion against such policies.

  3. I’m not sure if the Mormon Church still has the same policy, because I have been free of membership for10 years now – having previously been a member for over 40 years (which included being a Bishop). But there was a policy, which I belief still stands, whereby if you are civilly married and do not attend the Mormon Temple to be ‘sealed’ that same day – you have to wait one year.
    ‘Sealing’ means you are bound together FOREVER (throughout eternity) not just till death do you part. So, if you fail to follow policy and get married but don’t also rush off to the temple to be sealed that same day – then you have to wait a year. But suppose one of you dies during that first year and you did not get sealed the same day? Why, you are separated FOREVER!
    Thus the ‘one year policy’ plays on the fears of the couple and forces them to fit it in, or else!
    In addition, throughout the world, NO one who is not a member can attend a sealing ceremony. So, as a convert in my family, none of my brothers or sisters, parents, friends etc., could attend and witness my sealing. This policy is even worse in the US where Mormon couples cannot be married and sealed ‘except’ in a temple. This means possibly none of their non member family and friends can witness it!
    These kinds of hideous, unkind and cruel policies (they are not doctrines) are so similar to this new policy on Gay children and their parents. They place incredibly and awful strain on individuals – and in this case, Children have been targeted. What a rotten and damnable Church, that it considers it Godly to stigmatize children!

  4. Baptism in the LDS Church is at 8 years old. They would make a covenant to sustain the principle that marriage is ordained of God and between a man and a woman. Why put an 8 year old in confrontation with their gay parents. The Church does not put that burden on a child and instead keeps it from happening until the child is of age to declare for himself. There are many wonderful gays in the LDS Church who are active. (but not same sex marriage)

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