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Career Closet helps to ensure confidence in the interviewing process

Photo by: Ben Kailing | Staff Photographer
Career Closet is a resource provided to students by Career Services where students can borow business attire to prepare for professional events.

Bobcats can save money and still manage to be sharply dressed for professional events with the help of a newly launched program called Career Closet.

Career Services launched the program last fall and has been loaning business attire to students preparing for interviews, job fairs and internships. Students can borrow clothing for free, but must pay the price of dry cleaning before returning the clothes.

The program was initiated by a diverse group of departments on campus. The Students In Free Enterprise Program at the McCoy College of Business Administration, the Fashion Merchandising Department and Career Services all came together to create Career Closet.

“Through the support of various administrators, faculty members, staff, community leaders, students and alumni, the program was finally able to launch in September 2015,” said Emily Trepanier, career advisor.

Over the course of the past semester, approximately 70 students have used Career Closet’s services to prepare for upcoming interviews and other professional events, said Lilly Montalvo, career advisor.

In order to rent the clothing, students must first have an active Jobs4Cats account and be currently enrolled.

“Students are allowed five business days to return items, and they must return items dry-cleaned with a receipt,” Montalvo said.

Career Closet is stocked full of clothing donated from local stores, administrators, community leaders, faculty, staff, alumni and students. All of the donated clothing is sifted through to ensure that it is business-appropriate, and apparel that doesn’t get selected is then donated to Goodwill.

The closet is decorated like an at-home wardrobe, making students feel comfortable as they look for professional attire to borrow. Everything is organized by size, and closet assistants help students find the right outfit to borrow.

“The purpose of this program is to ensure students approach their interviews and career fairs prepared, professional and with confidence,” Montalvo said.

Haylee Duke, advertising senior, said the existence of the program shows that Texas State officials care about students’ success in the job market.

“I believe Career Closet is a wonderful idea, and it shows that Texas State isn’t here just for you to get a degree, but to also help you get a job after you graduate,” Duke said.