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Pizza Restaurant Brings Something New to the Table

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
Pieology Pizzeria is now open in San Marcos.

If you were hoping for a nearby pizza joint where you can have your favorite meal made however you want, then you are in luck.

Pieology is the latest chain restaurant in San Marcos offering a whole new way to enjoy pizzas. Two months in, the new restaurant is getting more popular because of its customizable pizzas.

Tetyana Dioutkine, general manager, said the restaurant has been open to the public since Dec. 8, 2015. The Pieology company got its start in California four years ago and has since expanded to other states.

“We have about three locations in California right now, and there is a fourth one about to be opened soon,” Dioutkine said. “This is only the second one in Texas. There is going to be a third by the end of the summer.”

Matthew Hubble, chef manager, said he has been working at Pieology since it first opened up in December. He said the diner makes some of the best specialty pizzas in San Marcos.

“I really like the fact that it is all customizable,” Hubble said. “(Pieology) gives you the option to be really flexible with whatever you are particularly craving or want together.”

Pieology is known for allowing their customers to choose how they want their pizzas made. Dioutkine said the restaurant offers up to 30 different toppings as well as several choices in dough, sauce and cheese.

 Photo by:  Lara Dietrich | Staff PhotographerMichelle Gonzalez, fashion merchandising freshman, prepares pizza for customers Jan. 22 at Pieology pizzeria.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
Michelle Gonzalez, fashion merchandising freshman, prepares pizza for customers Jan. 22 at Pieology pizzeria.

“Pieology is actually the first pizza restaurant that I’ve even been in here that (offers) custom pizza,” Dioutkine said.

Hubble said the response from customers has been very positive. Many locals who live or work around the area stop by regularly.

“From everyone I hear, it has been a pretty popular kind of way to do pizza,” Hubble said.

Dioutkine said she thinks Pieology will be a big hit among college students due to the pizzas’ prices.

Grayson Stuart, exploratory freshman, said he heard about Pieology through his fraternity brothers. After being there for the first time, he said the restaurant felt revolutionary and described it as a Subway for pizza.

“San Marcos has a lot of good food places,” Stuart said. “(There are) hidden gems in San Marcos with foods that are awesome.”

Dioutkine said she is looking to market their name by getting involved in local events and becoming a part of the community.

“As a company we are definitely big on fundraisers,” Dioutkine said. “In the near future I’m hoping to at least do one or two fundraisers a week.”

Dioutkine said besides pizza, Pieology also offers customized and signature salads. She said a lot of people will prefer the signature pizzas on their menus as opposed to making their own creations.

Stuart said restaurants like Pieology can introduce cities to revolutionary new ways of making pizza. There are never enough places for more pizza.

“(Pizza) is one of the most diverse dishes. It has so many possibilities,” Stuart said. “You have different sauces, different cheese and different meats.”