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Book Discoveries: November 9


4 stars

Colleen Hoover is like the Stephen King of romance novels.

That’s not to say her writing is twisted and terrifying, but rather that she produces her books quickly. She has already published 11 novels—seven of which have been on the New York Times bestselling novels list—and all this by the age of 35.

Hoover has a good track record with manipulating the reader’s emotions, and I was ready when I went to the store to pick up November 9, her latest novel, which was released on Nov. 10.

After only a few pages, there is already a lot for the reader to take in. We meet Fallon, an 18-year old would-be actress, and her dirtbag of a father when the two are having lunch for the first time a while.

From the start, the reader does not like Fallon’s father. Truth is, there is not really much to like.

Fallon is moving from Los Angeles to New York, and she tells her dad the day of the move. While most parents would be upset, her father only wants to talk about himself, which further proves his arrogant and narcissistic demeanor to the reader.

Not to mention this meeting takes place on Nov. 9, the two-year anniversary of Fallon’s accident.

We quickly learn that Fallon was 16 when her father’s house caught fire and he forgot she had been staying there. After undergoing intensive care and rehab, Fallon recovered physically, but was left mentally reeling after loosing everything she truly cared about.

She was an actress at the time, but was quickly fired after the burns on the left side of her body turned into scars.

After we get a little backstory, we finally get to meet Benton James Kessler.

Ben is not your typical dreamy book boyfriend. In fact, when Fallon meets him, his hair is as messy as can be and he has a mustard stain on his shirt.

Ben is siting a few tables over from Fallon and her dad in this scene. After overhearing their conversation, Ben begins to get angry. Eventually he loses all rational thought and does what any disheveled boy would do.

He slides right out of his booth, plops down next to Fallon, and introduces himself as her boyfriend.

Most girls would be extremely confused, but when Fallon sees how much her dad immediately seems to despise Ben, she decides to play along.

They both play the part so well that they end up hanging out for the rest of the day, even though Fallon is still moving to New York.

Her flight is that very night and she even lets Ben drive her to the airport.

Instead of just saying goodbye and moving on with their lives, the two decide to travel to each other once a year. The same day every year they will see each other, but other than that they will not have any contact.

Ben is a writer and Fallon wants to be his inspiration for a love story. As she leaves for her flight, Fallon decides that Ben’s job is to spend the remainder of the year writing about the day they spend together.

I wish I could say the novel is as happy as I am making it out to be, but Hoover is the queen of creating heart-wrenching plot twists.

Things happen and the meetings between Ben and Fallon each year are constantly changing.

Although the ending is resolved and gives the reader plenty of detail, leaving Ben and Fallon behind is hard to do.

Hoover flawlessly experiments with the idea of soulmates and true love. Even though Ben and Fallon’s situation is not likely to be a reality for most people, Hoover’s writing still allows for the reader to feel legitimate emotions for each character.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the idea of love, which is one of the main ideas Hoover wanted to get across.

She took my heart and crushed it, but in the best way possible.

November 9 easily reaches a 4 out of 5.