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Texas State students could see an increase in tuition for next year


A tuition increase is something students may need to prepare for as the Texas State University System Board of Regents is set to consider a proposal on campus next week.

On Nov. 12-13 the Board of Regents will consider a proposal that would raise tuition by $9.12 per class hour next year. Although the President’s Cabinet leads the decision process about tuition increase, faculty, staff and students have specific roles to play, said Eric Algoe, vice president for finance and support services. An open hearing for public input will be hosted if the Board of Regents approves the increase.

If the increase is approved students taking 12 hours will have to pay an additional $100 per semester. The proposed increase includes a $2 addition per class hour.

Tthe proposed increase would bring tuition up 2.75 percent, which amounts to $7.12 per semester credit hour a student takes, Algoe said. The money would go toward renovation and construction projects of Albert B. Alkek Library.

“We question every penny we have to increase,” Algoe said. “We second-guess every decision we make because we are committed to making college affordable.”

Joan Heath, associate vice president and university librarian, said the proposed money would not only go for renovation cost, but toward providing more technology support in the library.

“We are celebrating 25 years of the Alkek library, which means this library has seen a lot of change in the past 25 years,” Heath said. “The huge change in information technology throughout the years has told us that we need an upgrade to our current technology here in the library.”

Alkek is currently at full capacity and does not have adequate room to grow, Heath said. University officials are working to have an off-campus storage facility built, designed and inspired by similar structures of large institutions such as the University of Texas at Austin and Rice University.

With the money collected by the fee, the library could further fund the storage facility, allowing an off-campus transfer of some of the university’s collection. The relocation would leave more room for technology, infrastructure and study space in the library, Heath said.

Algoe said the proposed tuition increase is set by natural inflation, which is based off a cost index. The university has found that with 2.1 percent inflation from last year, the tuition increase is substantial to help facilitate the university’s growth.

All the institutions included in the Texas State University System are proposing tuition increases ranging from 1.8 percent to 8 percent increases, Algoe said. Texas State is on the lower end of the proposals, asking the Board of Regents to increase tuition by less than three percent.

Algoe said Texas State remains one of the most affordable institutions in the state in regards to the value of the education offered.