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Technology, a blessing and a curse

Illustration by: Karina Herrera | Staff Illustrator

Technology is both a blessing and a curse.

Technology is here to help, but there have been particular cases where these tools have done the complete opposite.

The amount of computers and technology surrounding the lifestyle held by most Americans is significantly greater than anyone would have ever imagined. Technology has evolved and spread so quickly through all sorts of platforms it has outgrown the control of its creators. It is moving so fast that controlling it has turned into a challenge in and of itself.

Trying to control technology is as hard as regulating the weather. For that reason, the amount of technology allowed in the life of an individual can only be manipulated by that person.

Humanity—or at least the majority of it—has engulfed itself with technology to a point where it has caused alarming consequences to all of those involved. Technology without moderation is making the world around us more dangerous and less enjoyable.

Moderation has always been the key to success. Without it, chaos often strikes—and that is exactly what is happening due to the irresponsible use of technology.

Just two years ago there was much concern after security footage revealed victims of an attempted murder were so distracted by their phones that they failed to see the killer wave his weapon a couple times before he aimed his gun and took the life of a college student.

Alarming cases like these put on display the hypnotizing addiction humanity has fallen into with technology and the danger that comes with it. The excessive use of technology has brought death and is slowly taking the wild attentiveness of the human breed.

It has made humanity oblivious to everything in its surrounding. Society doesn’t have eyes for anything other than phone screens and other computer devices. Distraction is only the beginning of mankind’s transformation into the walking corpse that will eventually result from limitless use of technology.

It is true that technology has been the medium of communication with the rest of the world by creating a boundless platform and contributing to endless innovations that are used today. However, it is taking over the lives of irresponsible users.

The difference between superficial and human intelligence is the lack of soul. One of the most unique qualities about being human is the ability to read and feel emotion. The excess of technology in the lives of many young children has distorted their human ability to recognize their own emotions and those of others.

Last October a study directed by UCLA showed that most children, having unsupervised time with technology, had trouble recognizing emotions in others. It is theorized that this is what the lack of face-to-face involvement with others causes.

The thoughtless amount of time spent in front of a phone or computer screen has reached alarming levels. Children are losing some of their human traits. They are more in-tune with lifeless devices that only cause distraction and detachment from nature.

Technology has been and will continue to be a tool to help humanity, but only if we allow it to. Without balance, the very same thing that is helping us could also destroy us.