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Stonewall Warehouse to celebrate one year in San Marcos

Photo by: Sam King | Staff Photographer
Kristopher Alvarado, AKA "STUDD", working and dancing Nov. 7 at Stonewalls Warehouse

One of the most popular bars in San Marcos is about to receive even more attention from San Martians as it celebrates its one-year anniversary.

On Dec. 5 Stonewall Warehouse, San Marcos’ first and only LGBT bar, will celebrate its first birthday.

Brian Scofield, owner of Stonewall and several other bars on the square, said he would be giving San Martians a chance to enjoy several different festivities—just in time for finals.

For the one-year mark, Scofield said that Stonewall will be hosting a Studio 54-themed party.

“It’s a disco-themed party. We’re going to have a drag show,” Scofield said. “We may or may not have a costume contest, and we’ll have performances throughout the night from drag queens.”

Scofield said he’s just as excited for the anniversary as he has been for everything else since the idea for Stonewall was born.

“In 2001, I had the opportunity to buy the building where Stonewall is now located, so I took it,” Scofield said.

At the time he purchased the property for what would become Stonewall, Scofield said he was working on Sixth Street in Austin. He said it only made sense to bring a new type of bar to San Marcos.

“I looked at it two different ways,” Scofield said. “It was an opportunity, but it was also something I personally believed in.”

He said the year since he opened the bar has been one of the best of his life.

Scofield said he had great anticipations going into the project, but never expected it to become a community staple in only a year.

“I had high expectations (for Stonewall) going in, and it pretty much met them,” Scofield said. “I saw kids driving from San Marcos to Austin for the bars and the bands and thought, ‘Why not take it to them?’”

Scofield said he was never nervous about opening Stonewall and has been constantly excited since the doors opened.

“My only concern was making sure it was nice enough for the vision I had,” Scofield said.

Erin Bostick, undeclared freshman, said she first went to the bar during this year’s Pride celebration.

“A few of my friends were interested in going to Stonewall because we knew it would be an exciting night to go since there would be a lot of people there,” Bostick said.

Bostick said one of her favorite things about Stonewall is the welcoming atmosphere it provides to every member of the community.

“Normally, Stonewall has a 21-and-over policy, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays—as well as other special events like Pride, Halloween, or other fun holidays—they allow people 18 and over to get in,” Bostick said.

Scofield said they try not to pigeonhole themselves when it comes to the events and other activities held at the bar.

“It’s a bar, it’s a meeting place,” Scofield said. “We’ll have DJs one night and another night we could have a fashion show.”

Scofield said he has always prided himself on having a bar that welcomes everyone.

“It’s a place that everybody can come and have a good time,” Scofield said. “You’re going to have a good time if you go.”

Bostick said she plans to go back to Stonewall in the future to view more of its shows.

“The stage puts on interesting shows like drag races, for example,” Bostick said.

Bostick said she knows whatever event the bar puts on for their one-year anniversary will be one for the books.

“I’m sure Stonewall will put on a big celebration for their anniversary,” Bostick said. “I wouldn’t want to miss out.”

 Photo by: Sam King | Staff PhotographerStonewall Warehouse customers enjoy a rainbow paint party Nov. 8.
Photo by: Sam King | Staff Photographer
Stonewall Warehouse customers enjoy a rainbow paint party Nov. 8.

Stonewall has weekly events, such as Karaoke on the Catwalk and Lip Sync Battles, and that’s part of what makes it great, Scofield said.

“We didn’t just want to open a gay bar in San Marcos, we wanted to open the best new bar,” Scofield said. “It just happens to be a gay bar.”

Scofield said the bar has grown a lot due to the support from the community, and he can only see it growing further here in San Marcos.

“Not that I expected any kind of backlash, but it’s been a really great experience,” Scofield said. “I’m excited for what the future is going to be.”