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Staff roundtable: Start of a turnaround for the Bobcats’ football?


Here is The University Star sports staff’s storylines to watch from Texas State’s matchup against New Mexico State tonight.

Rob Lowe looks to have another good rainy game

Paul Livengood, Sports Editor: Last time Texas State played a rainy game at home, Robert Lowe, senior running back, rushed the ball 30 times for a career-high 248 yards. The weather is suspect again this weekend, so I’m expecting Lowe to have another big game.


Larry Rose III is pretty good

Matt Gurevitz, Senior Sports Reporter: Larry Rose III, New Mexico State sophomore running back, is the future of his football team. This young gun is the star in the backfield for Aggies and is second in the Sun Belt in rushing yards with 1,079 and third with 11 touchdowns. The sophomore running back might spell trouble for the Texas State defense Saturday, which gives up more rushing yards than any team in the conference. Watch out for Rose—not only this year, but for years to come.


Tyler Jones, have a snickers. You’re not you when you’re hungry

Autumn, Sports Reporter: As evidenced by his low numbers, Tyler Jones, junior quarterback, hasn’t been playing as well as usual. In his last two games, Jones completed only 23 of 48 passes thrown. Additionally, he’s only completed eight touchdown passes this season, compared to 22 last year. Eat a snickers, Jones, you’re not yourself.


Bobcats start three-game home stand

Thomas Mejia, Sports Reporter: This weekend’s game against New Mexico State is the first of three straight home games for the Bobcats. It’s a much-needed stretch for Texas State, as their only two wins of the season both happened here in San Marcos. The fans can also concur it has been a while since they have seen their Bobcats on the football field, since the weather for the last home game made the majority of fans stay home.


Texas State coming off of loss, New Mexico State coming off of win

Brooke Phillips, Sports Reporter: Week after week after week, New Mexico State could not pull off a win. They couldn’t do it against Florida and they couldn’t do it against Ole Miss, but the team finally managed to defeat Idaho just last week. With their confidence from their first win, the Aggies have high hopes for beating the Bobcats. In contrast, last week’s game left the Bobcats with nothing but another loss. But with history of last year’s season, Texas State could indeed claim victory over the Aggies once again.


Must-win for Texas State

Jose Campos, Sports Reporter: The game is a must-win for the Bobcats. Texas State is currently 2-5, but 2-1 at home so far this season. With this game against New Mexico State being homecoming, a win could provide some confidence for the team. However, should another lackluster performance happen again, this would add to the disappointment the season has been so far.


Bowl Eligibility possibility

Garret Caywood, Sports Reporter: With a 2-5 record, the Bobcats have their backs against the wall. For a chance at a bowl berth, the Bobcats would need to win four of the remaining five games. There is hope for the Bobcats’ fans, though. In the final five games, the Bobcats have three scheduled against bottom-half Sun Belt teams.