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Paging Dr. Carson this country needs fixing

Illustration by: < a href="http://star.txstate.edu/author/azalie-miller/"> Azalie Yanguas | Staff Illustrator

America is in a serious pickle, and only a neurosurgeon has what it takes to fix it.

The middle of primary season is upon us and, thankfully, Ben Carson is inching ahead in the race for the Republican nomination.

In 2010, the Republicans took back the House and, in 2012, the Senate. Now, as 2016 approaches they are poised to take the final house: The White House.

There have recently been some divisions within the Republican Party, but only one leader can rise to heal these open wounds. No, it’s not the 16-year Republican congressman and newly-elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Have a seat, Paul. The obvious choice is the neurosurgeon with the mostest, meaning absolutely zero political experience; Ben Carson.

While many voters are concerned over the new Republican front-runner who dethroned the mighty Donald Trump, even if only for a moment, this is little cause for concern.

Carson is just like Trump. Neither has political experience, nor are they too humble, but that’s exactly what America needs. A person who has no idea how to run a country, and whose ego is larger than the current nuclear stockpile, could shed a new light on the most important issues.

Future president Carson has a revolutionary theory on the pyramids in Egypt. Apparently the biblical Joseph built the Pyramids as storage containers for grain. While Carson may have never been to Egypt, or visited any pyramids, it’s clear the liberal media is just trying to spread propaganda by having renowned scientists dispute his so called “baseless” claims. There may not be any sources to support Carson’s claim, but, as a brain surgeon, his word is truth.

With his anti-reality claims, Carson can shift America into a totally new dimension. America doesn’t need facts and figures—not when we have imagination and irresponsibility.

Carson may have zero political experience, but he does have credentials. He got a full scholarship to West Point, for crying out loud. West Point is the top army school in the nation, and last time I checked, Hillary Clinton didn’t get a scholarship there.

Yes, West Point doesn’t offer full scholarships. Yes, Carson’s camp admitted it was a fabricated story, big whoop. Now ask yourself: does this story even sound true? If the answer is no, then you have obviously been brainwashed. Ben Carson said it, so it is true—no question.

Out of the entire field of Republican candidates, only one stands out above the rest and his name is Ben. The office of the presidency needs some revamping. For too long the president has been forced to have a basic political knowledge and only say things supported by facts, but no more.

No longer shall the POTUS be held to such ridiculous standards. If you care about this nation, Ben Carson is the only choice. Because why pick someone with experience?


  1. Pretty funny article coming from a part of the country where when over 300 college students were asked to name the vice president of the US less than 50 got it right. When asked to name the secretary of state only 18 could answer. When asked if Obama were to rewrite the constitution to suit an agenda for what he believed was the good of the liberal party, over 250 students said the president can rewrite the constitution to fit his agenda.
    Brilliant people at their best.

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