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French club stands in solidarity with Paris, shows support

Photo by: Exsar Arguello | Assistant News Editor
The French club, Le Cercle, brings awareness to the Paris massacre with the signing of a banner for the victims.

A series of terrorist attacks struck Paris, France, Nov. 13 and now students have joined the effort to stand in solidarity with those affected by the incident.

Members of Le Cercle, Texas State’s French club, stationed themselves near the statue of the Fighting Stallions Thursday morning with signs and a banner for students to sign in memory of the victims.

“We know people who are there and this is our way of letting them know we are thinking about them here back home,” said Rebeca Geng, vice president of Le Cercle. “I know people who were at that concert when the shooting broke out and luckily made it out safely.”

Geng said she had a few friends killed in the massacre and wanted to show her support even through death.

“They brought peace to this world and by people signing this banner we want to show that we can bring peace to them as well,” Geng said.

Holding a sign that said “we stand with humanity,” Geng said she wanted to bring awareness to not only Paris, but to other parts of the world affected by terrorists attacks.

“For the French club to be out here is very important to me,” said Alec Trussell, Le Cercle member. “It is our responsibility to be out here and bringing light to the situation.”

Members of Le Cercle decided to bring the banner to the Quad during their meeting earlier in the week, Trussell said.

“We were having a discussion about the attacks that happened in Paris and it really inspired us to want to do something about it,” Trussell said. “We just want to support the victims of unnecessary violence that is going on all around the world.”

Trussell said she does not want people to paint Islam as the face of the attacks.

“Islam and other religions aren’t bad in and of themselves,” Trussell said. “It’s the radicals that make it that way.”

Because she has family and friends in Paris who were affected by the terrorist attacks, Geng said she felt it was necessary to show her support.

“We want to show through as many signatures that we can, that even though we’re half way around the world, we’re here in moral support for the families and victims who have been affected,” Geng said.