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Fashion Finds: Thrift Store Junkie


Whether you wear designer clothes or sweatpants, everyone is a part of the fashion cycle in some way.

However, taking part in fashion is not always easy. The majority of clothing stores and brands have fairly high-priced merchandise that only seem to increase with time.

This is one of the many reasons why staying stylish may be a challenge for many college students on a budget.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem.

Kendall Kessel, dance freshman, said purchasing clothes from thrift stores is the perfect way to maintain a cute style without sacrificing your cash.

Kessel was spotted in the breezeway next to Alkek library wearing black skinny jeans, black Vans and a graphic quarter-sleeve with a denim shirt as overlay.


Her hair was also lightly straightened underneath a pink beanie.

“My friends always tell me I look like Avril Lavigne,” Kessel said. “I really just kind of go for the laid back, punk, skater, hobo look. It’s a mixture of a lot of styles really.”

Kessel said she purchased most of her outfit from thrift stores.

“I honestly got everything but the pants from thrift stores,” Kessel said. “It makes shopping more of an adventure and also saves you money.”

Kessel said various social media trends, celebrities and fellow Bobcats inspire her style.

“My inspiration for this look, and really any look I put together, is from online media like Tumblr, celebrities or people walking around campus,” Kessel said. “There are so many fashion-forward students here.”

She said when she becomes inspired from an outfit off of Tumblr she goes straight to the thrift stores in hopes of duplicating it.

“If I see something I like online I go to a thrift store and look for items to recreate it, and it doesn’t cost me more than $30 usually,” Kessel said.

Kessel said she recommends thrift shopping to all Texas State students.

“Some people are afraid of shopping in thrift stores, especially Goodwill for whatever reason, but I promise you can find great items for great deals,” Kessel said.


Why It Works

Not only does Kessel’s outfit rock because she saved money, the colors she selected flowed together effortlessly.

A huge portion of the outfit is black and white with the denim shirt and light pink hat serving as accents of color.

The laid back nature of the overall look in her outfit is perfect for any fall day around campus.