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Fall season gives way to bold new lipstick trend

Ashley Galvan | Staff Photographer
Rachel Bush, biology and anthropology senior, poses for a photo Oct. 19 at Spring Lake.

The colorfully bold lipstick fad is making its way from the 1990s’ graveyard to the hearts of many college students, becoming the new trend of the fall season.

Samantha Kowalski, Bare Minerals key holder, said she is a huge fan of the look.

“I absolutely love the colorful lipstick trend that’s happening right now,” Kowalski said. “Whichever color it may be: purple, blue, dark red and so on.”

Kowalski loved this trend from the beginning because it is another way for people to express themselves. She said fashion is all about self-expression, and bolder options mean more unique looks.

“Women are starting to express themselves more colorfully, and this lipstick trend is a great representation of that,” Kowalski said. “You’ve always had the classic red lip, but now we’re starting to see every color out there for every type of personality.”

Kowalski said this trend allows individuals to explore and show off different aspects of themselves.

“I’m happy to see people are diving into the bolder makeup, because it’s as if they’re saying they’re not afraid to show the world who they are or certain edgier aspects of themselves,” Kowalski said.

She said the trend could have been started based on celebrity influences.

“Everyone wants the blue Kylie Jenner lip or something similar to that,” Kowalski said.

Although celebrity inspiration is likely how the trend got off the ground, Kowalski thinks people are starting to take it into their own hands.

Regardless of what made colorful lips so popular, Kowalski said it seems the fashion fad came at the perfect time of year.

“With it being fall, and colder weather slowly occurring, lipstick colors like the purples, blues and deep reds are a great accessory to your fall outfits,” she said.

Ruth Tinch, Bare Minerals assistant manager, said the trend is invigorating.

“It takes a powerful and confident woman to want to wear the bold lipstick colors, so I love seeing people wearing it,” Tinch said. “It’s refreshing to see women being outspoken in their makeup choices.”

Tinch said this bold style could have something to do with how women’s views of their bodies have changed over the years.

“Women being able to be more courageous in their lipstick is, potentially, a reflection of how women are growing to love themselves more and becoming more outspoken in real-world situations,” Tinch said.

Although many customers love the colorful lipstick trend, Tinch said not everyone is fond of it.

“Different people express themselves and their individuality in different ways,” Tinch said. “Some people despise the style, some people like it but think they can’t pull it off and others just go for it.”

Regardless of what one’s opinion of bold lipstick may be, individuals should feel free to express themselves however they see fit, Kowalski said.

“Some people may hate it, and others may love it,” Kowalski said. “ Whichever you prefer is awesome. It just goes back to individuality and self-expression.”

Kirby Johnson, electronic media and mass communications junior, said people’s reactions to her colorful lipstick choices tend to vary.

“I wear bold lips all the time,” Johnson said. “Sometimes I get compliments, and sometimes I get dirty looks of disapproval.”

Johnson said she wears bold lipstick to feel empowered and doesn’t care if others aren’t fond of it.

“I love how it looks,” Johnson said. “I love how I feel with it on, but not everyone does or will. You have to be wearing the lipstick—or whatever it is you’re wearing, really—for yourself and nobody else.”