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City chartered amendment results are in


In the midst of the city council election for Place 5 and 6, San Marcos citizens had the chance to vote on two proposed city charter amendments—and they were both approved.

A total of 1,814 San Martians voted for Proposition 1, which will add an amendment to the city charter that prohibits the addition of fluoride into the municipal water supply.

Only 1,173 people voted against the proposition, meaning the amendment eradicating the implementation of fluoride into the city water supply was only approved by 641 votes.

The second proposition on the ballot was a city charter amendment requiring the verification of signatures on any petition in order for the document to be considered valid. Proposition 2 garnered 1,565 votes and was approved by 55.2 percent of the votes.


  1. Congratulations, San Marcos, TX. You have been duped by people who, for their own personal agendas, have convinced you that a proven health benefit is dangerous and non-effective.

    Next on the list is vaccines. You have now been marked as being gullible enough to believe the BS scare tactics and non-peer reviewed science to do something that is ultimately harmful to you. Be warned, the anti-vaxers are coming for you.

  2. FLuoridation advocates should demand that the number of operative cases for terrible cavities in preschool kids be followed. After discontinuance in Calgary, Ontario these operations became much ore frequent. This is the statistic which most clearly demonstrates harm from discontinuance. Small poor children will bear the price of the decision of adults who want to specify the chemical composition of their drinking water.. the kids will pay.

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