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Being a good Bobcat should not be relegated to only the holidays

Illustration by: Azalie Yangua | Staff Illustrator

Spreading the holiday spirit brings a smile to the heart of every Grinch this side of I-35, so why not get involved with charity work to spread some hope and joy?

Thanks to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and the Winter Solstice, there are plenty of reasons to spread good vibes during this holiday season—or just go be a good person. It does not take mass amounts of resources or time to make another, less fortunate person’s holiday a whole lot brighter.

There are inexpensive ways to give back. Simply creating gift baskets, for those artsy Bobcats among the crowd, can go a long way. Knowing that someone put time, effort and passion into a handcrafted creation can bring tears to those with the coldest of hearts.

Those who celebrate Christmas should look into the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. It provides assistance to local families in need of a little holiday cheer.

The Angel Tree program offers gifts for children whose families do not have the privilege of disposable income. Through donors, the Salvation Army can provide the children with some semblance of a Christmas. Spread the holiday cheer, adopt an angel and provide them with a Christmas they can enjoy.

San Marcos is the temporary home of many Bobcats. It’s only fair for privileged college attendees to find ways to give back to the community that chooses to comfort students through their growing pains.

More locally based nonprofit organizations like School Fuel help provide and package lunches to underprivileged students in San Marcos. While Thanksgiving may be over, coming together to spread the holiday cheer never goes out of season.

Serve San Marcos is a quick and easy tool for those interested in helping, but unsure of where to start. Serve San Marcos serves as a directory and intermediary between volunteers and nonprofit organizations in the Hays County area.

Another place students should think about this holiday season is the Southside Community Center, is a nonprofit organization founded to improve the conditions of those most in need in the San Marcos area.

The center has a program that allows people to adopt a family that celebrates Christmas. There is also the option of volunteering at the local homeless shelter after the holiday season is over.

Even if the way students choose to give back is just an impromptu session of caroling at a local nursing homes, it’s all done with good intentions, and that is what truly matters. Volunteering at a local hospital, donating to a bank or simply giving a dollar to the nearest homeless person are all inexpensive ways to bring someone happiness.

Students are living out their college dreams, so why not spread some joy and love? This holiday season, go do something selfless and help put a smile on someone’s face. They’ll never forget it. Even better, don’t stop at the holidays—spread selfless love and joy year-round.

People are suffering every day and living in a myriad of decrepit circumstances. So remember: self-sacrifice and unity are reason for the season. Spread that holiday cheer all year—don’t just pigeonhole being a good person to November and December.

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget: everyone needs a little light in their lives, every day. Go be good, Bobcats.