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Answering the pregame questions

Photo by: Kaylin King | Staff Photographer

1. Will the Texas State defense ever get an interception?

Alas, the defense finally came through—and I mean the entire defense. Nick Arbuckle, Panthers senior quarterback, made a pass that was batted up in the air. The ball proceeded to bounce around like a hot potato before Stephan Johnson, sophomore safety, hauled it in. It came at a convenient moment, too, as Georgia State was threatening inside the 20. And remarkably, in the most bizarre of ways—the defense got their first interception of the year.

2. Can the Bobcats finish .500 this year?

In order to accomplish this feat, the team would need to pull off a miraculous turnaround and run the table. Following today’s loss, a .500 record just isn’t plausible anymore. The Bobcats failed to get any momentum against Georgia State as they lost 41-19. Things seem bleak for the Bobcats as they take a 2-7 record into the final three games.

3. Will Texas State finish the season as the worst defense in the nation, statistically?

Things didn’t get much better for the defense. They were able to get their first interception of the season, but the defense struggled against the pass and surrendered 31 points by halftime. Arbuckle passed for a school record 471 yards and four touchdowns.

4. Will Texas State win this game?

No. Georgia State came out with a simple game plan—pass. The Panthers’ offense seamlessly moved up and down the field courtesy of Arbuckle’s right arm. The senior quarterback started sharp as he hit Robert Davis, Panthers junior wide receiver, with a 44-yard pass on his first throw of the game.

5. Where is Tyler Jones?

Tyler Jones, junior quarterback, struggled to find a rhythm. He finished with 267 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Jones couldn’t find a connection with his receivers, and the Bobcats’ offense sputtered out time and time again. Coming from behind, the Bobcats were forced to throw frequently. It hindered Jones’ ability to use the read-option and the offense was often ineffective.