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Stories of campus hauntings alive at Texas State


Texas State is home to many historic buildings, each containing their own unique—and sometimes spooky—history.

While many have heard ghostly tales at orientation, some students have also experienced supernatural sightings first hand.

Here is a list of five buildings on campus believed to have a haunted past.

1Old Main

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
Old Main is one of the supposedly haunted buildings on campus.

Old Main is one of the oldest buildings on campus, and has sparked numerous reports of supernatural activity.

While few stories circulate among students about this location, some faculty members with offices in the building say they have been put in some inexplicable situations.

Emmeline Aguirre, School of Journalism and Mass Communication professor, said she spends the majority of her time in Old Main.

Aguirre said she had a scary experience a few years ago in her office that has stuck with her ever since. She was in the middle of a conference call with a few of her students when she was interrupted by a strange noise.

“All of the sudden all this white noise started coming across on the phone,” Aguirre said.

After the white noise sound subsided, Aguirre said it began to sound like someone was talking gibberish.

She said the scariest part of the call occurred when she heard a voice whispering, “Help me,” on the other end of the line.

“I’m still scared to take any conference calls now,” Aguirre said.

2Sterry Hall

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
Sterry Hall is one of the supposedly haunted buildings on campus.

Sterry Hall is the first place that comes to many students’ minds when haunted buildings at Texas State are discussed.

Channing Wan, communications studies junior and former Texas State Orientation Leader, said students have even nicknamed the dorm “Scary Sterry” based on experiences freshman residents have had.

Wan said he learned of many haunted stories during his time as an OL.

He said the leaders told a story about the ghost of a girl in a white dress who would roam the halls of Sterry at night

“One time, a girl with asthma that would sometimes have trouble breathing at night felt like she couldn’t breathe,” Wan said. “When she woke up, the girl in the dress was on top of her.”

3Laurel Hall

According to The Austin American-Statesman, a resident assistant at Laurel Hall died in 2011 after jumping from a window while under the influence of alcohol.

Lizzie Brown, finance senior, said she was a resident in the hall during her freshman year, only a year after the incident happened.

“The ghost of Laurel led her to the edge,” Brown said. “That’s why she jumped. It wasn’t just because she was drunk.”

4Tower Hall

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
Tower Hall is one of the supposedly haunted buildings on campus.

When students discuss haunted buildings on campus, the windows on the top floors of Tower Hall always seem to come to mind as well.

John Zavala, criminal justice junior, said he was a resident at Tower Hall his freshman year.

Zavala said many students have heard the story about the daughter of the architect who built Tower Hall.

Zavala said the architect’s daughter allegedly jumped off of another building while he was working on the plans for the residence hall. It inspired him to gradually make the windows smaller as the floors progressed.

“It is said that on the ninth floor, which was the floor that I lived on, the elevators would open by themselves, and that was supposed to be her presence,” Zavala said. “ I have actually seen it happen.”

5Butler Hall

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Staff Photographer
Butler Hall is one of the supposedly haunted buildings on campus.

According to USNews, Butler Hall was recently declared one of nine haunted dorms in the United States.

Charlie Rodriguez, theater sophomore, said he was a resident at Butler Hall last year.

Rodriguez said a few friends who lived down the hall from him experienced paranormal activity multiple times.

Rodriguez said the supernatural being was most active when the group tried to interact with it.

“I had two friends that lived in Room 222 that had some very interesting experiences, like things being thrown off of their shelves and things being moved on their desks,” Rodriguez said. “When they would talk to the being, it would reply by knocking and shifting stuff.”


  1. I recently stayed at Elliot Hall at Texas State, today was actually my last time spending it there that’s why i’m writing this. I was scared to report of the spirit or spirits at the hall where i was staying for fear of what they would do. I will now get on with my story. I was staying at Elliot for 6 weeks this summer of 2017 for a camp i was in. The 2nd week I was living there the door knob started to jiggle, at first me and my roommate thought nothing of it and thought it was someone playing with us. One day I jiggled the outside of the door knob and the inside of it ( the side in our room that we saw jiggle ) did not jiggle. At this point I was freaked out because I talked to the cleaning staff there and they even heard and saw things that lead them to a ghost/spirit. Another week goes by and randomly the door handle jiggles but its in this next thing that scares me probably the most. I was alone in my room while my roommate was in the bathroom, the door was closed and locked, the door suddenly shook/moved back in its slot as if someone from my side was trying to get out. I open the door to see if anyone was there and a girl with a maroon shirt was going to the bathroom but i was in 205 the end room so she couldn’t have done it and gotten there that fast. I went back to writing thinking nothing of it when not even a minute later it does the same thing, so I decided to go to the bathroom and tell my roommate and she says its just the air conditioner. We go back to the dorm room and she asks if i saw or heard anyone go into the bathroom while she was in there so i tell yes the girl with maroon shirt. At this point she looks kinda worried and she tells me she saw her too and swear she went to the stall next to her but when she got out of her stall the girl was not there. ( There is no way the girl could have left without her knowing the bathroom is small and echos. ) We call everyone out of their dorm rooms with an announcement that they already knew and no one was wearing a maroon shirt or fit the way the girls body looked. ( we both didn’t see her face) At this point we are scared considering the door handle, the door bangs that are now happening, also the possible ghost siting. My friend comes to me two days and tells me the door to her hallway was slammed 3 times. ( all at once like BOOM BOOM BOOM) Everyone who watches horror movies or is in to the supernatural knows that this is a sign mocking the holy trinity. Skip ahead to yesterday the day before we leave, all the door things are still happening, and my roommate swears there is a weird feeling in the bathroom as if a spirit is there. I took a shower that night and while i was drying off i heard someone breathing hard and i stepped out of the shower to see that no one was there… Today I told some staff about these things and they told me one night at desk duty they were down all down stairs when they heard a loud thud when no one was up there. I believe Elliot hall is haunted 100% and if you don’t believe me stay there yourself.

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