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Societal progress moves humanity away from religion


EVELYN garcia

In every society there is always a practice of some type of religion. There has always been at least one god or goddess to pray to—until today.

Evolution in our society has come at a price and the Judeo-Christian God is paying. As the new generations build or dismiss their faith in a higher power, the surrounding technology and education influences their decisions.

With the progress scientists have made and the constant strides humanity takes towards new discoveries, more people become incredulous of God and give their faith to science.

God is losing his/her fight against science. The trust people put on science is greater than that handed to God. Praying to God for a miracle is no longer necessary when science gives answers to the prayers through medicine.

Large portions of people who believe in evolution do not believe in God, and the number of people who believe in evolution only keeps growing. The contribution of science to mankind has been almost godly and some would say it has become more trustworthy than God.

The constant accusations against archbishops and priests concerning the sexual abuse of children have left God’s followers feeling betrayed. Exemplary leaders guiding God’s sheep are found guilty in the wake of tremendous accusations.

Jozef Wesolowski, an ex-archbishop accused of child sexual abuse, is a perfect example of the betrayal many are feeling toward the church.

The ex-archbishop paid boys for sexual acts and would take pornographic photos of them. Wesolowski received protection from the Vatican, who knew of the ex-archbishop’s shameful acts and proceeded to help him flee the legal repercussions.

Acts of this nature and the motives behind such acts are the ones leaving God without followers and adding to redirected faith in the objectivity of science.

There has been an attitude change in most of humanity, even aside from the mistrust that has grown toward God and his/her leaders. For some time now there has been a change—somewhat of a twist—as to what is considered godly.

With the advances in science and the strength and effervescence in the fights for social equality, people now see the righteous potential of the human form. People no longer seek faith in God, but now believe in themselves.

All faith and all glory are put in humanity. There is a contagious attitude giving people the idea that there is no God, but only us. If anything is to happen, it will not be by God, but by humanity.

The times have changed and with it the faith in God continues to dissolve. There are a number of reasons why theism has been left behind, but there is no going back. Leaving God behind and giving science and ourselves the glory has built the society we all enjoy today, and it is only up from here.