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Fashion Finds: Fabulously fifties


Fashion Finds is a weekly column showcasing students found on campus with unique style. Anything from crazy patterns to the latest trends to what to wear to an interview can be found here each week.

 Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor

In this day and age there are so many ways to dress, and styles range from casual to couture in the blink of an eye.

A quick walk around campus proves everyone can wear whatever they please, whether it’s pajamas or an elegant dress.

That’s one aspect I really love about college. Students get to dress however they want without any real rules or dress code obligations.

On the afternoon of Oct. 7 I was walking toward the North LBJ bus loop, admiring the fashion diversity, when I spotted a look that was truly unique.

Jessenia Gallegos, political science sophomore, was wearing a well-structured, very classically cut dress with yellow polka dots.

To complement the dress, Gallegos wore round-toed black heels, a slim black belt around her waist, a dangly pearl necklace and red lipstick.

I loved this look because the yellow really popped in a sea of students wearing mostly deep maroons and hunter greens, commonly found in fall trends.

Another aspect making this look ideal was how sophisticated it appeared.

Gallegos said she was going for an old-fashioned look inspired by the 1950s.

“When getting ready this morning I wanted to wear something that felt happy, so I aimed for this yellow dress,” Gallegos said. “The outfit in its entirety, however, was inspired by the 1950s ‘housewife’ look.”

Gallegos said she dresses up every day, rain or shine.

“I dress up in either dresses or skirts every single day no matter what,” Gallegos said. “I know we don’t have to for class, but I love the way dressing up makes me feel—I always have.”

I definitely agree dressing up tends to help oneself feel more confident, but I also find dressing casual to be a bit of a relief when crammed with other obligations.

Whether its dressing up or dressing down for the trek across campus, I love seeing fellow Bobcats working whatever they’re wearing.

Why this look works:
The reason this ensemble works so well is because Gallegos paired her statement dress with simple accessories.

The dress’ vibrant color and pattern leave little room for accessories, and Gallegos does a great job of pairing small things to make it complete.

 Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Another reason why I found the outfit to be so charming was the way the timeless accessories went along with her 1950s theme.

The dress is cut in a style that is modest yet flirty, which was very common during the 1950s, and Gallegos knew just what to pair with it to make a winning look.

By adding things like a pearl necklace and black heels, each piece balances and complements the others to form an overall theme.