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Fashion Find: Dressing for the occasion

Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor

As the weather cools down, students can be seen wearing a few more layers around campus.

During this time of year, nothing is better than a gothic look inspired by Halloween.

Kimberly Clay, journalism freshman, was spotted strutting her stuff through the Quad wearing a layered black skirt, burgundy tank top, black flats, a black hat and gold accessories.

Clay said she was inspired to wear her outfit based on the season.

“I woke up and was really in the fall/October/Halloween mood, so I went for a look with darker colors,” Clay said.

She said her look changes with the seasons and sometimes depends on upcoming holidays.

“Seeing as it’s nearly Halloween, this could be considered somewhat of a norm for me regarding what I wear around this time,” Clay said. “I’m a big advocate of dressing for the occasion, especially when it’s Halloween.”

Clay said she wanted to showcase her excitement for the cooler temperatures through her wardrobe.

“Another reason I selected this outfit is because it is finally cooling off,” Clay said. “I think it’s a solid 60 degrees outside, so I wanted to wear something in honor of that. I’m so happy it’s feeling like fall.”

Clay said her look can be described as “fall gothic” because it portrays a strong appreciation for the season.

I think the fall gothic description is quite fitting for this look. Clay really knew how to piece together each component of the outfit to make for a fabulous fall fashion find.

 Photo by:  Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Why It Works

There are numerous reasons this look is so appealing, but the biggest contributors are the various textures within the dark hues of the fabrics.

Outfits that stick to one color scheme sometimes appear bland. However, this fashion find is anything but boring with the incorporation of sheer, lace, cotton and other materials.

Each part of the outfit brought something new and beneficial to the overall look.

The skirt features a layer of solid black material with an overlay of black sheer, accented with black lace at the bottom.

The burgundy tank top has small vertical pleats with a thicker fabric, which add more dimension.

The black flats and hat add personality, while the chunky gold bracelet and layered necklaces add a slight pop to draw attention.

Clay chose to wear a dark burgundy lipstick to match her tank top, which tied the outfit together and added depth.

I am utterly obsessed with this Texas State fashionista’s ensemble because it is bold, trendy and the perfect representation of Halloween.