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Why having a hot professor is a blessing


MikalaMUGHaving a good-looking professor will make class attendance more likely.

It is an impressive feat to write about the importance of having at least one hot professor without sounding like a thirsty horn-dog, but the deed must be done. Heed my words Bobcats—it is imperative to have a physically appealing professor at least once a semester.

I am positive that 100 percent of students would show up for a class with an insanely hot professor or teacher’s assistant. People not even registered for the class would be showing up.

No one in his or her right mind would miss out on a chance to gaze at a beautiful creation and ingest some knowledge at the same time. Whilst staring at the gift God granted mankind, paying attention will occur naturally.

Per elementary cause and effect, the more attention that is paid equals greater information retained. So attempting to increase the retention of focused students will equate to aced tests and professors who appreciate not teaching idiots.

Walking into a class and seeing a well-educated angel before thine eyes is a gift—one that is not to be taken lightly. It is a blessing and a privilege to have an attractive professor. Nothing is a given, especially on the hard, cold streets of Texas State, so there are some things to be weary of when drooling over your professor.

Keep things in the classroom. Last I checked it is somewhat illegal to fraternize with a professor outside of class. Communication must be strictly academic and course-related. Anything outside of academic relevancy is strongly discouraged—you can look, but like with all animals of beauty and majesty, make sure you don’t touch.

In either case, no one truly cares about the biology of earthworms except for the person teaching it. But if the person doing the educating on the intricacies of the earthworm species were Jude Law, students would be more inclined to listen.

There are no downsides to having a hot professor, unless a student is doing something inappropriate. When shady things are occurring there is potential for uncomfortable circumstances to arise. As long as everyone behaves, it’s a win-win situation.

I’m sure students are wondering where they find these hot professors I speak so fondly of. Well, no need to fret, Bobcats—thanks to the Internet we all have access.

When picking classes it is important to have a good course and come out with a swell grade. The attractiveness of a professor should not be the main goal when considering courses—it should just be in the side notes.

Do not get sidetracked by these beautiful creatures that inhabit the classrooms, but do use them as a catalyst for learning. Make the grade and get paid—that’s my motto.

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