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Talk it Out: Students should steer clear of Greek life


Greek organizations are often underscored by attitudes of extreme elitism, stereotypical and discriminative selection of members and boastful expressions of sexist and sexually profane ideals towards women.

Greek organizations were created to be philanthropic, driven and socially aware societies made of members who exemplify all of these traits, but it takes little cognition to realize this no longer the case.

Many fraternities continue to act upon their alpha male mentalities by believing they are superior to everybody, desired by every female and should be worshiped. They encourage heterosexual male promiscuity and perpetuate a damaging rape culture.

According to an Oct. 9 2013 CNN report, men who join fraternities are 300 percent more likely to rape. Meanwhile, women in sororities are 74 percent more likely to fall victim to rape.

Some fraternities even have the nerve to boast about their disgusting intensions to the public, such as the Sigma Nu Fraternity at Old Dominion who hung signs degrading incoming freshmen girls. Thankfully, the university had enough backbone to step in and suspend this fraternity, but this is often not the case.

Often times, major universities ignore these organizations and they get away with a slap on the wrist. According to aHuffington Post article, a woman released audio of a fraternity member from the University of Central Florida exclaiming, “Let’s rape some bitches.”

These are clearly not the men of good stature and moral character they portray themselves to be. These are men who have come together in order to promote destructive gender roles under the guise of brotherhood.

While universities sit back and watch all this filth accumulate into mountains of issues spilling into their student body, these Greek organizations collect big bucks and recognition. This is seriously insulting.

Greek organizations are bastions of conformity and the destruction of the individual. The loss of individuality is prevalent and the environment many of these fraternities and sororities create mold and reshape everything about members. It changes everything from their mindset, to appearance and even their moral values—or lack thereof.

Destroying individuality and diversity is a common pastime of fraternities and sororities of all creeds. When it comes to recruiting, oftentimes guidelines for future members include similarities of socioeconomic standing, ethnicity, race and even body type.

Granted, on rare occasions Greeks might have some oddballs sprinkled in, but the demographic of that organization will still predominantly be the ethnic group that established it.

My Greek-bashing might seem spiteful or jealousy-driven, but the point is to be an individual. Students are able to form lifelong bonds and make connections without Greek life.

Risking a reputation or carrying someone else’s bad badge is not worth the hefty note students pay to join Greek organizations. If Bobcats must join, they should make sure the name they carry and the reputation they bear is one of true class, valor and intellect—not misogyny, racism and idiocy.

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