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Segregation prominent today, not a thing of the past


EVELYN copy online 2_4Segregation is a problem continuing to plague America and isa very tangible and unfortunate reality for many today.

There have been multiple attempts to combat the problem of segregation, but none have seemed to have lasting results. With the modern mentality most citizens claim to have acquired today, it is almost impossible for them to even imagine segregation still exists today. For some, it is easier to believe that segregation today is more of a myth than a reality.

To those who choose to believe the problem is nonexistent and pay no mind to the effects this has around them, I say segregation is real and it is happening whether we acknowledge it or not. The truth hides from no one.

In recent news, victims of segregation were compensated for the harassment they suffered in Los Angeles. Detailed information regarding this case includes the Los Angeles County housing agency agreeing to pay $2 million dollars to all those who were proven to be victims of segregation in the Antelope Valley area. To begin with, if segregation were not real there would be no need for Los Angeles County housing agency to agree or compensate their victims.

This compensation is proof of the segregation our fellow citizens face today. It is a terrifying thought that crosses my mind when I think segregation is happening, even with all the implemented policies and laws that exist today to protect equality.

Contrary to American idealism, segregation has never ceased to exist in this country. In fact, it has only been exacerbated since it was brought to the forefront decades ago. According to a Washington Post article, schools are more segregated now than they were 40 years ago. I do not see how a person can side with education and furthering intellectual understanding, while actively seeking to discriminate against students of color by isolating them from the general populace.

Today, people have sought to hide their intentions in a more sinister way. Since racism and othering have become a relatively recent taboo of polite society, overt segregation based on race and color is a thing of the past. However, the new segregation operates through separating students based on scores, access to resources and disparities caused by the oppression and destruction of people of color.

Segregation in schools is affecting children’s education and keeping them from a better, more promising future. This effectively strengthens the status quo that has led to the inequity in the first place, disguising inequality as a solution for better and more effective education.

Segregation existed, exists and will continue to exist—unless society decides to fight it. There is no more time to ignore this problem. There are people suffering at the hands of a historically and contemporarily unequal society. Once society acknowledges the prevalence of the problem, then we can work toward treating the symptoms and finally destroying the virus.

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