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City council candidates Scott Gregson, Melissa Derrick host joint meet and greet

Photo by: Lexy Garcia | News Reporter
Scott Gregson, Place 5 city council candidate, speaks to the crowd Sept. 14 at Cafe on the Square.

Supporters for city council candidates Melissa Derrick and Scott Gregson filled Café on the Square Monday evening for a joint meet and greet.

Scott Gregson, Place 5 candidate, and Melissa Derrick, Place 6 candidate, decided to host a joint meet and greet because they share similar visions regarding the future of San Marcos.

“(Derrick) shares a number of the same ideas and visions of San Marcos to maintain the coolness,” Gregson said.

Both candidates displayed passion for many of the same key issues said to be facing San Marcos, including incompatible housing, irresponsible development and a dynamic downtown economy.

“I’m certain we’ll have areas of disagreement, but definitely more agreements than disagreements,” Gregson said.

Gregson said he can’t imagine two council members agreeing on everything.

Councilman John Thomaides, Place 3, introduced Gregson and described him as having a heart as big as Texas. He said Gregson’s efforts raised a quarter of a million dollars for local flood victims.

“If you ask Scott for his help, be prepared, because you’re going to get it,” Thomaides said.

Gregson spoke of the preservation of San Marcos’ environmental richness. He said Cape’s Camp should have been a public park.

“Developments last generationally,” Gregson said. “Once they’re there, they don’t go away.”

Councilwoman Lisa Prewitt, Place 1, introduced Melissa Derrick, describing her as a candidate committed to the preservation of neighborhoods and the San Marcos River.

“I’m excited she has decided to take on the great responsibility to set the stage for future growth and in a fiscally responsible fashion,” Prewitt said.

Derrick recounted her volunteer work in the community which led her to run.

“I spoke at public hearings (and) they didn’t really listen to me,” Derrick said. “I knew it was time for me to get up there and vote.”

Derrick said if she and Gregson were to be elected, San Marcos would be in good shape.

“I’m not running against Shane Scott, I’m running for us,” Derrick said.

Doug Beckett, a San Marcos local, has canvassed for most current city council members including John Thomaides and Jane Hughson.

“I was among many people who were trying to stop the Cape Camp project because I’d been through the floods of the Blanco River running up my street,” Beckett said.

Beckett said Derrick stood by other opponents of the Cape’s Camp project on its journey through the Parks and Recreation Department and Planning and Zoning Commission.

“You can have growth if you plan for what nature brings,” Beckett said.

Beckett said both Derrick and Gregson definitely know how to handle these kinds of compromises.

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