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Texas State construction completion date-never

Home of the Bobcats? More like home of the endless construction.

Texas State has been inundated with seemingly endless construction since I got here, and I have frankly had enough.

So, I was standing in line at Blimpie’s the other day when I struck up a conversation with a stranger about construction. Said stranger mentioned they had been studying abroad for a year in Japan and expected construction to be done by their return. We simultaneously rolled our eyes and had a good laugh while nearby people glanced around, bewildered.

Since my arrival, Texas State has constantly been under construction. The construction has caused many unnecessary detours and a multitude of potential disasters, such as walking into a fence or driving into a hole—at least on my part.

There are so many rumors floating around about the various projects that no one truly knows what is going on. It faintly reminds one of high school. Instead of the gossip being about which cheerleader is sleeping with which football player, everyone wants to know what food places are going to be in Jones. Exciting.

On Texas State’s Planning, Space Management, & Real Estate webpage, students can find more information regarding this tedious construction. There are various projects underway that do not have a definite or even estimated due date.

In fact, as of August, only two of the 26 listed projects have been completed on the Project Status Report document, meaning the university will not be free from construction obstruction any time in the near future.

What a pity. I am sure, minus the construction hindering the ambience, the university used to host a beautiful campus. I guess the beauty the school has to offer will be reserved for the minds of long-gone nostalgic alumni because, for people actually going to the school, serene is not the first word that comes to mind.

While the information may be readily available, there needs to be greater transparency for students on campus to know exactly what is going on around the institution they are paying to attend. It is their university, their place of residence for the next four years and they deserve that much.

Aside from being burdensome on students, the construction projects are costing the university quite the pretty penny. The projects represent well over $650 million in current and future investments. That is a lot of loot that is funding this slothful construction, and I am sure there are valid reasons why some projects are taking so long. Yet, students are none the wiser to any of these projects continuing to inconvenience their fluid college experience.

It is wonderful that Texas State is growing and expanding, and the current and future construction projects reflect that, but the mass of construction hinders a lot of the experience of college life.

I would not be surprised to come back to visit the campus in 2038 and still find construction between Flowers and Commons Dining Hall. It is almost like it is going to drag out for as long as possible, like Hollywood did with the Twilight series.

Texas State construction’s estimated completion date: August 2038?

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