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President Trauth speaks to Student Government at first meeting

President Denise Trauth served as the first speaker of the year at Monday’s Student Government meeting, discussing issues from construction to campus carry.
Trauth said the plans to build an overpass over the railroad tracks crossing Aquarena Springs Drive will help to clear up congestion in the area that occurs on a day-to-day basis. The overpass will create a flow of traffic that won’t get stuck waiting for a train to pass.
“We don’t want an incident where an ambulance gets stuck because of a moving train,” Trauth said. “It will also clear up a lot of congestion that occurs during football games and commencement.”
Trauth addressed new legislation passed in the 84th legislature allowing students with concealed handgun licenses to carry on campus. She said the campus carry bill, Senate Bill 11, will be implemented in the fall of next year.
Trauth said the issue of campus carry is out of her hands. She said places on campus such as the Child Development Center will remain gun-free zones.
“We will continue to work with university officials to help prepare the school for this legislation that will take effect starting next year,” Trauth said.
Student Government Vice President Tyler Burton said Student Government will work in accordance with Trauth and university officials regarding the issue of concealed carry on campus. Burton declined to comment on his personal position on campus carry.
“I just want us to have a great and successful year,” Burton said. “My main goal, if I were to pick one, is to raise the retention rate of senators in Student Government.”
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