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Pineapples dominate summer clothing

Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Staff Photographer
Journeys displays their pineapple merchandise July 20 at the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Summer styles this year have been filled with bright color blocking, Birkenstock obsessions and body jewelry fads, but one of the biggest hits can be found at the local grocery store.

Pineapple prints are appearing everywhere this season. Whether you are wearing the fruit on dresses, crop tops, swimwear or jewelry, you are guaranteed to be right on trend this summer.

Mandy Mayekawa, fashion retail enthusiast and account executive for POM Public Relations, said the pineapple phenomenon was easy to spot.

“I’ve seen how it is slowly taking over all of the boutiques and retail stores,” Mayekawa said.

Mayekawa said the style appears to be increasingly trendy as the summer goes on.

“I believe it was right at the cusp of summer when I first noticed pineapples in fashion,” Mayekawa said. “From there it grew more and more popular until it was just about everywhere.”

Mayekawa said the trend has also taken the Internet by storm.

“Even online I see pineapples everywhere,” Mayekawa said. “I see it on Pinterest a lot right now, along with Instagram and other social media websites.”

Aunna Gates, manager of Shi by Journeys, said social media plays a major role in the creation of trends. She said it most likely had something to do with the sudden popularity of pineapple print.

“I think social media was, and is, a key ingredient to styles starting up and spreading into popularity as much as they do,” Gates said. “Honestly, however, there’s no telling what spiked the fruit hype. It all happened so rapidly and out of the blue.”

Linda Reyes, lead service worker at Forever 21, said the use of pineapples was easy to recognize without shopping around.

“I rarely get to venture out to other stores besides ours or stores surrounding ours, but I most definitely still see the pineapple trend taking over,” Reyes said. “There are other identifiable trends right now, but the pineapple is the most obvious.”

Reyes said she wholeheartedly agrees with the print’s popularity.

“I truly love how pineapples are on everything right now,” Reyes said. “I think they’re so effortlessly cute and give off a fun, happy, summer vibe. It is such a simple symbol and yet so impactful.”

Gates said those who aren’t eager to try on the trend could see it start to fade as fall approaches.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but I wouldn’t say I’m not a fan either,” Gates said. “Trends come and go, so I very seldom hop on those bandwagons.”

Mayekawa said she is fond of the style’s uniqueness.

“I think it is a really cute print and a really cool and unique symbol of the season,” Mayekawa said. “I don’t remember a time when pineapples—or fruit in general, for that matter—was such a popular print in fashion.”

Mayekawa said she currently doesn’t own any pineapple attire, but is always on the hunt.

“There’s been no luck so far, but every time I go into a store I always tend to try on the pineapple merchandise,” Mayekawa said.