Home News Police investigations continue regarding San Marcos hospital shooting

Police investigations continue regarding San Marcos hospital shooting


Police say there have not been any new developments in the investigation concerning a shooting that left an elderly couple dead at Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC).

Joyce Chamness, 85, and Ben Chamness, 87, were found deceased June 9 in a private patient room at CTMC. Joyce was being treated there for a serious illness, police said. The couple’s daughter discovered her parents in the room after the shooting.

“We don’t know why the shots weren’t heard elsewhere in the hospital,” said Trey Hatt, communications specialist for the City of San Marcos.

Police are investigating the incident as a murder-suicide but have not released any new information.

“The San Marcos Police Department doesn’t have any updates or new information to release in the case and we don’t want to speculate on why the shooting happened,” Hatt said.

CTMC spokesperson Brad Russell said the fact the shooting happened in the morning could have something to do with why the shots were not heard anywhere else in the hospital.

“The level of noise inside of the building (during a shift-change) is going to be higher because you’re essentially having two shifts on the floor at the same time, going from the night shift to the day shift,” Russell said. “So that could have been a part of that, but beyond that would just be speculation.”

Russell said there are no metal detectors in the hospital, but there are signs prohibiting guns on hospital grounds. On-site security is present during hospital hours, he said.

“We are constantly assessing the physical security on our campus and this certainly will be something that is taken into consideration,” Russell said.