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Attorney General warns of fraudulent contractors, services


Attorney General Ken Paxton warned flood victims of over exuberant prices for services and fraudulent contractors aiming to profit from the Memorial Day Weekend floods.

Kharley Smith, Hays County Emergency Management Coordinato,r said no Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representatives are going door-to-door assessing flood damage in affected areas.
Paxton advised the public to report suspicious activity to police.
The Office of the Attorney General has received eight complaints from over-priced services, mainly in the Houston area. Paxton said it is illegal for companies to charge profusely high prices after the state government has announced a disaster declaration.
Tommy Prud’Homme, office of consumer protection of the attorney general, said during a time of disaster, it is common to see gas prices and towing services rise.
Paxton warned the public of fraudulent contractors going door-to-door offering home repair services. He said citizens need to ask questions before committing to a contract.
Paxton said residents have three days to nullify a contract in the State of Texas.
“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Paxton said.